Best Apps to Help You in Homeworks


Homeworks can be hectic sometimes and hard. Considering one takes different subjects and units in school most taught by different teachers, assignments could pressure you. Mostly one is always fighting against deadlines to meet and different assignments and at the same time requiring you to study for finals or other kinds of exams. Hence assignments are helpful but time-consuming. In today’s world, the development of different apps is rampant, and the invention of different homework help apps makes doing homework easy and fast, saving your time. However, these apps are not always 100%  right, but they help you get the concept and solve problems.

Here are some of the homework help apps

  • Socratic

This homework help apps involves taking photos of questions that are problematic. Like how Google works, feeding it with questions and getting feedback is the same way Socratic works. However, Socratic will involve taking photos of the problem, and then it is scanned using the Ai, and you get your answers and problems are solved. It deals with almost all subjects inclusive of maths, chemistry, and economics. It has high school content and gives explainers answers, inclusive of graphs and explainers. Also, it is free to download on any gadget; I.e., android or IOS.

  • Photo math

Photo math is used to calculate maths, as the name suggests. Mathematics is a complex subject that involves solving mathematical equations and problems, including formulas. Mostly, when working on mathematics assignments, there’s a need for step by step procedure and formula to show how one got a specific answer. Using the photo math app, you have to point the camera to the math problem, and you will get answers with formulas and step-by-step instructions on how the tutor did a particular sum. Therefore, this app leaves you to know and can be used when revising to help you understand concepts easily. It is also free to download.

  • HwPic

This app allows interaction with tutors. One sends pictures of their assignment to tutors, who later send answers in a few minutes with step-by-step instructions to help you understand the questions. Notably, the app is free, but one has to pay for certain kinds of assignments. Also, it does not support cheating as they only handle homework and not quizzes and exams, which will be rejected. It is available in IOS and android.

  • Slader

It is an app that accommodates both college and high school students. It focuses on maths and science problems. Most question curricular books such as textbooks are already answered and in the app. It’s available for free but sometimes may include charges on certain homework.

  • iHomework

iHomework works like your work organizer. It sorts out your homework by date, month, week, or course. This app will help you track your assignments and organize your reading files accordingly to avoid going back and forth. This app helps you stay organized with all the different assignments assigned.

In conclusion, different apps will help you tackle different assignments and will save you time. However, they are not promoting cheating as most are cautious about the assignments they take


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