Bess Katramados and Big Show – One of WWE’s beloved couples

Bess Katramados does not have a huge profile globally – but she does have millions of people know about the basic things of her family life. The huge credit behind this goes to Big Show, also known as Paul Donald Wight II, who has been working as one of the most consistent professional wrestling entertainers since 1995. World Championship Wrestling (WCW) provided her with the best platform to become a professional wrestler – but it was World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE), where he has been working since 2000.

Big Show is the only giant athlete, other than Braun Strowman, who can fly like a natural athlete. Bess Katramados wanted to become a model. She had this dream and did her level best to become a model. In the middle of 1990s, she managed to open the doors of a modelling brand.  Bess Katramados worked so hard and did her level best to make her name in the glamour industry. Her looks were always great. It did help her massively to get consistent work. She also had a dream to become one of the best models. Katramados began her professional career very well but did fail to take the next step.

Otherwise, she would have become a much better and well-known personality. Katramados did not try to become an actress. This move would have allowed her to get a better profile. Bess Katramados is famous in the modelling industry for her never say die attitude. She married Big Show in 2002. Both Katramados and Big Show married beforehand but failed to take make the best out of their previous partners. Maybe nature planned better things for them together. Bess Katramados gave her everything before becoming a full-time homemaker.

Bess Katramados is a stepmother of Cierra Wight, who does take care of her stepsiblings very well. Bess Katramados and Big Show were made for each other. They have been living together since 2002. The WWE fans love the way Katramados has helped Big Show feel motivated to put great performers after each and every week. It is hard for any WWE performer to work relentlessly for more than 20 years. Only handfuls can work for over 20 years or so – and Big Show is one of them.

Big Show does not need major social media networks to get work as his profile and persona is larger than life. If you know the basic of WWE, then you know Big Show very well. He is one of the most loved and leading stars of the brand. Many dreams to have an ethical career like Big Show. A huge credit behind this goes to Bess Katramados, who is just a light at the end of the tunnel for many women around the world. She is down to earth and does put her best to give her family a better life. Bess Katramados takes care of the kids very well and sets good examples for other WWE couples who are planning to have a baby as it is a very responsible task. This is what makes Bess Katramados a special lady.


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