Benefits Of Using Organic Fertilizers


Every year new inventions come up with great ideas. The human race is getting much advanced. In the 21st century, man has a solution for every problem. Technology is getting advanced in every field. Even in the biology field. One of the most popular inventions known as fertilizers protects our plants. There are two types of fertilizers, organic and inorganic. Organic fertilizers are the substances made up of natural ingredients, on the other hand, inorganic fertilizers are the substance made up of chemical ingredients. Organic and inorganic fertilizers, both help a plant or a crop to grow properly, but organic fertilizers are considered to be more beneficial than inorganic fertilizers. That’s why organic fertilizer production is increasing at a higher rate. Most people trust organic fertilizers over inorganic fertilizers.

Benefits of using organic fertilizers

Now some people may wonder that what are the advantages of organic fertilizer that makes them more useful. In the following points, some benefits of using organic fertilizers are discussed-

  • Organic fertilizers mainly consist of only organic matter. They do not harm the soil, rather these fertilizers balance the ecosystem of the soil. Some inorganic fertilizers may consist of any strong chemicals in them. This can harm the ecosystem of the soil. Soil can become loose when it reacts with the chemicals in an inorganic fertilizer which will lead towards soil erosion. An inorganic fertilizer may increase the PH level of the soil too. Therefore, it is always safe for the soil if you use organic fertilizers.
  • A plant will always grow by natural means if organic fertilizers are used. Some people use inorganic fertilizers to increase the growth rate of a plant. It may increase the rate but the plant may not be that good. It may impact the fruit of the plant too. Organic fertilizers may not increase the rate of the growth of a plant. Rather it can be said that using an organic fertilizer while growing a plant is a slow process. It may not be fast but the plant may grow properly and its fruit can be too good.
  • Organic fertilizers contain ingredients that may decompose easily. This means that there will be no remain of any harmful substance in the soil. On the other hand, inorganic substances contain chemicals. Some of these chemicals may not decompose that easily. This means that the soil may contain the chemical substance after the use of inorganic fertilizers. This can make the soil acidic.

So it can be concluded that if a person wants to have a healthy plant or a crop, then organic fertilizers can be a better option for that. Organic fertilizers are getting famous day by day, that’s why organic fertilizer manufacturers in India are increasing at a rapid rate. Most people still believe in the organic method as it is the safest method for the plant. Organic fertilizer is a thing that has no side effects on the plant but most of the inorganic fertilizers may have side effects on the plant or on the soil.


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