Benefits Of Gear Hobs In Gear Cutting


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For gear cutting, there are many instruments used. One of the best is gear hobs. For gear cutting, hobbing is a method of machine cutting. The primary role of the gear hobs is to make a set of cut teeth in the gear to make it metal. Hobbing gives speed to the cutting of metal tools. Gear hobs are an important gear cutting tool.

Various benefits of using gear hobs are:

  1. Speed: As compared to other gear processing, gear hobbing is a fast and efficient way of cutting metal. The hobbing machine is fully automatic, thus it does not require an engineer or man work. Many gears with the same module are cut with similar cutter irrespective of several teeth on the gear. Another factor responsible for the high speed of gear hobs is its simple design. Multiple units of gears can be put into the machine for processing at the same time. This increases productivity to a great level.
  2. Flexibility: The hobbing process gives us the advantage of the flexibility to deal with different types of gears. There are different hobbing machines for different type of gears. With different machine for each type of gear, the accuracy of the gear produced is improved. Each gear type receives special treatment from its kind of machine. Hobbing machines can be customized to cut gears with different cutting angles. It is always good to have options available.
  3. Economical: Gear Hobbing is an economical process and it provides various job types to people as it is versatile. Gear hobbing also increases productivity. It is not so costly and perfect for your hobbing requirements as best gears can be produced by not spending a fortune on the equipment.
  4. Application: The gear hobs have many applications. Hobbing process is not only used in gear cutting process but it is also applicable in automobiles, clocks and other equipment. Herringbone can only be generated by gear hobbing. If you have the required tools, almost all kinds of gears can be produced using hobbing. Many types of gears can be manufactured using the gear hobs like splines, helical gears and worm gears. The most common kind of gears manufactured by the gear hobs are spur gears.
  5. Precision: The gear hobs are responsible for providing precision cutting to the gears. The gears produced by using gear hobs are highly accurate. Put into right hands, the hobbing machine can produce wonderful results. It is very difficult to achieve the level of precision by any other machine as is achieved by gear hobs. There’s nothing wrong in saying that the gear hobs produce the gears cut with maximum precision and accuracy.

Many manufacturers manufacture gear hob cutters. It is important to choose your manufacturer carefully as the quality of gear cutting is highly dependent on the hob. If you are looking for a tool that enhances the gear cutting process at your factory, go through the benefits of using a gear hob. It is one of the best tools that you can use for achieving best results.


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