Being in the Express Entry pool can get you selected for Canada PR


Candidates who have applied to the express entry pool can expect themselves to get the invite sometime or the other. It is because there are 3 provinces which search for candidates in this pool. Alberta, Nova Scotia, and Ontario apply after searching in the Express Entry pool.

Nova Scotia Labor Market Priorities stream

Nova Scotia Labor Market Priorities stream is one of them. It selects applicants from the 3 categories, Federal Skilled Worker, Federal Skilled Trades and Canadian Experience Class. In the last draw which happened as per this stream, candidates were selected on the basis of their French caliber and how much English they know. After selection, the candidates are given a Letter of Interest. You must also be having a 3-year post-secondary degree to get selected. Another criterion for selection is that you and your spouse’s income should be higher than the Low Income Cut off(LICO).

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A candidate must be having the experience for the stream for which he has applied. Both the federal skilled worker and the Canadian experience class require only 1 year of experience, although the FSW requires it to be in the home country and the Canadian experience class requires it to be in Canada. Other streams which scout the entire pool for suitable candidates are Ontario and Alberta. Once getting the letter of interest, they have 30 days to consent to the nomination of Nova Scotia and put up all their documents.

Ontario human capital priorities stream

Ontario has its Human capital priorities stream. This stream has the obligation that the candidate must have points in excess of 400. The Human capital priorities stream requires someone to apply through the Express Entry. Then you are selected and given a Notification Of Interest and have to apply as per the same. Once a candidate gets the required notification of interest, he receives a time gap of 45 days to send his application to the Ontario immigrant nominee portal. The candidate must have applied either through the Federal Skilled Worker class or the Canadian Experience Class. You can also get easily get selected once your occupation- is in demand in this province. 15 occupations are in demand in this province as of now.

Some of these occupations are, Database Analysts and Data Administrators, and Software Engineers and Designers, etc. This is how having experience in any one of these key occupations boosts your chances of getting invited by Ontario.

Alberta Express Entry Stream

This stream also selects candidates on the basis of their CRS score which should be higher than 300. It is better if the applicants don’t have an occupation on the ineligible occupations list of this province. These are those occupations for which the Canadian government does not give an LMIA. This list is known as the High wage and low wage occupations in the province of Alberta.

Candidates can get higher priority once they have some work experience in this province. They can also have a job proposed to them. The Express Entry Profile should be less than 3 months old. Your occupation should not also be a part of the Alberta Opportunity Stream Ineligible Occupations list which will also reduce your chances of getting selected.


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