Bear Watching Holidays in Canada? Nothing Can be Better than Toba Inlet


If you are planning to go for a bear watching holiday in Canada, then Toba Inlet of British Columbia would definitely be the best choice. With well-placed wilderness areas and pristine places all around, this location will certainly turn your dream of spotting grizzlies into reality in their natural habitat.

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When to go for it?


Bear watching experience is best when you go for it at the beginning of May. Such a tour will take you to some less-visited parts of Canada, thereby giving you an exclusive and unique experience in the company of some fellow travelers. You have the entire area at your disposal under the guidance of specialist biologists and guides. They will help you join together the habits of grizzlies that you can witness with your eyes in their own habitat.


September to October are the best times when bears enter the river to catch salmon on their way upstream for spawning. Take a boat aligning the waters and get close to the bears in action. Apart from watching the grizzly bears, you will also be able to spot some black bears, bald eagles, and Canadian wolves. All in all, bear watching holidays in Canada will give you an opportunity to witness wildlife in their natural setting.


Facilities Offered


For more than two decades, Toba Inlet had remained closed and people were not able to venture into the place. But now that the place is open for the public, you can watch the bears in their natural surrounding laden with waterfalls, rivers, and forests. Experts are well aware of the areas where bears mostly wander here.


You can avail guided tours by Eagle Eye Adventures. Since they take only a limited number of people on a bear watching tour in the Toba Inlet, its serenity remains undisturbed and your presence does not affect their natural habitat. They also include facilities like snacks, drinks, and lunch, washrooms onboard, wildlife educational materials, etc. Don’t forget to bring an extra set of clothes and footwear, and of course your camera to catch those once-in-a-lifetime moments.


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