Beaches You Should Visit In North Carolina

North Carolina

North Carolina has some wonderful coastal towns with a laid-back atmosphere and charming downtown areas. You can experience a lot in the towns including some marvelous historical homes, splendid restaurants and parks where you can relax after the fatigues of the day. Wilmington is famous for having the EUE/Screen Gems movie studio where hundreds of movies and shows were filmed over the past 30 years including The Conjuring and Iron Man 3.

Apart from that, a lot for people who love to walk along the seashore and spend time on the beaches will love NC. The coastal area in Wilmington is quite wonderful and exploring this part of the country will add more to your vacations as well. You can enjoy a laid-back atmosphere and a downtown area with a charm of its own. If you are someone who fancies beaches, Wilmington has a lot to offer to you. You can find the best equipment that can make your beach experience better by using Spectrum Internet service. You can get Spectrum internet by dialing in Spectrum Spectrum atencion al cliente. If you are using Tripadvisor, then you might be able to get the best prices and recommendations as well. Here are a few beaches that you must visit when you are in North Carolina:

Carolina Beach

The beach serves as the perfect summer getaway with a large number of food stands and summer activities. This will make your trip with your family an entertainment-packed and fun-filled experience. The beach will get you in time along with vintage vibes. It will be a good idea if you bring your fishing gear with you and drop a line from the pier.

The place has the privilege of being the Ten Best Boardwalks by Food and Wine Magazine and is quite popular for live music performances and many other festivals every year. In the summer season, you can attend some art and music festivals along with barbecue competitions and many other exciting events held in the season. Many attractions like the amusement parks and having aquarium tours is more popular among visitors.

Kure Beach

The Kure Beach is one of the must-try places for people who are traveling with kids. You can take your kids to the nearby aquarium and outdoor playset located near the beach. The area is also quite popular among people who are interested in history or study historic places. For such individuals, a visit to the Fort Fisher State Historic Site is a must. Apart from that, you can also look forward to walk along the shore until you are at the famous fort that dates back to the Civil War-era. Here you will also find the oldest fishing pier on the Atlantic Coast. The area is also home to the Kure Beach Ocean Front Park and Pavilion that hosts many events and festivals.

Wrightsville Beach

If you are looking for one of the best beach towns located near Wilmington, then the Wrightsville beach is going to become your favorite beach to spend time on. Wrightsville Beach is popular among the locals and is one of the most popular beaches in the area as well. You can find this place on a barrier island that is separated from the mainland by Intracoastal Waterway. You can find this place located at a distance of about 25 to 30 minutes from downtown Wilmington.

You can find many beach town shops and restaurants including a pier to take a walk down and enjoy the sunset. You can also check out a few watersports offered at the place by renting out surfboards, kayaks, paddleboards and other equipment. All in all, this is one of the perfect beaches to have a relaxing day with your family or have fun alone.

Topsail Island

This is not only one of the unique beaches in Wilmington but is also a place where you will feel like home. You can find the place located less than an hour away from Wilmington, but it is all worth it. The island has a 24-mile long barrier off the coast of North Carolina where you can find sea turtle hospital which is a rehab facility for turtles. Apart from that, you can try out some delicious food at one of the restaurants offered by the place.

Different areas of North Carolina including Wilmington offer a vibrant riverfront and the most accessible coastal area for people looking for a retreat. You can enjoy walking on the pedestrian-friendly riverwalk that winds along the Cape Fear River. This further connects to different shops, cafés, parks and nightlife and many other places where you can have a tremendous experience. For people who are always on the lookout for adventure and different activities can enjoy fishing and different watersports to experience.

Emerald Isle

You can explore Emerald Isle has some clean beaches and a relaxing atmosphere and is really famous for its fishing pier. There is a wide shoreline and you can find Emerald Isle’s 12 miles of clean beaches, a relaxing and soothing atmosphere and popular fishing pier. Apart from that, you can enjoy grills, picnic spots and pavilions, your place to park your car, showers and a lot of amenities

Key Takeaways

During the lockdown, you must have been bored staying at home and must be struggling and combating your fears caused due to the outbreak and the sick work routine. It is time to take your car out and head to one of these spots. Stay safe and take the necessary precautions while you are having fun.


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