What is the Difference Between Bangles and Bracelets

Difference Between Bangles and Bracelets

Want to buy a 14k gold bangle bracelet? Bangles and bracelets, both pieces of jewelry are made for your wrist. Bracelets are a little more popular as they are for both genders. Bangles are for women. However, many wearers are unable to differentiate bangles from bracelets. Both come in different types and styles and made from a range of materials. Let’s see the differences between bangles and bracelets. 

The word bangle comes from a Hindi word ‘bangri’. The word ‘bangri’ means ring-shaped anklet. It is a centuries old traditional piece of jewelry for women in the Indian subcontinent. An ancient figurine from 2600 BC depicts a woman dancing with bangles in her wrists.   

Bangles in those days were made from bronze, copper and shells. Today bangles are made from both precious materials and cheaper alternatives. You can shop bangles made from silver, gold and platinum. If you don’t want to spend a lot on bangles then you can shop bangles made from materials such as plastic, rubber and glass. If you have ever attended an Indian wedding, you might have also noticed dozens of bangles in the bride’s arms. 


The word bracelet comes from brachial, a French word which means armlet. A bracelet is a flexible piece of jewelry. It is based around a strand or chain that drapes around your wrist. The bracelet consists of a clasp to close. A bracelet is also an ancient piece of jewelry that dates back to 5000BC in Ancient Egypt. The Scarab bracelet was of significant importance in ancient Egypt. This piece of jewelry represented rebirth and regeneration. 

Unlike bangles, a bracelet is flexible in design. Traditionally, a bracelet features a row of links, beads, threads or hinged pieces. All these pieces are linked together at the end with a clasp. Bracelets made from silver chains are very common. However, if you can invest more, you can also find bracelets made from gold or platinum. There are endless options when it comes to design.

Bracelets or Bangles

It is your personal choice. You can wear what suits you and your outfit. However, bracelets are easy to wear as compared to bangles. If you have large hands but small wrists, it is not easy to wear bangles. So, avoid full circle style bangles. If you have larger wrists, hinged bangles are perfect for you. Avoid wearing circular bangles if you work a lot on a laptop or PC. If you want the most versatile bangles then go for C-shape bangles. These bangles are perfect for a wrist of any shape or size.

If you want to wear a less noticeable piece of jewelry around your wrist then you will love the softer feel of a bracelet. Some bracelets come with adjustable clasps. No matter what is the size of your wrist, these bracelets fit perfectly. 

Women of all ages love wearing bangles. On the other hand, bracelets are common among young men and women. Now you know the difference between bangles and bracelets, find an online jewelry store selling gold bangle bracelet and order now!  



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