Banana Hair Masks: Benefits And How To Use For Damaged Hair


We all love bananas as they are ready to eat fruit. Fresh bananas taste great, support digestion and are loaded with nutrients. However, did you know that they are equally beneficial for the texture and shine of your hair?

The reason why bananas are high for your hair is that they contain silica, which is responsible for the synthesis of collagen that maintains the strength and thickness of hair. Some people even complain of the dry and flaky scalp during winters which are dominant because of microbial problems. Fortunately, bananas have proven antimicrobial properties which can help in getting rid of such issues.

Due to easy availability and proven benefits, a banana hair mask is a widely popular homemade remedy for those who want to take care of their hair without much hassle.

Benefits of Banana Hair Masks

We are used to reading about specific remedies for individual hair conditions. However, bananas are a common ingredient for helping with multiple hair related issues. Let us examine the benefit of banana hair masks in more detail:

In getting rid of frizzy hair: Banana’s high silica content makes it ideal for eradicating frizziness of the hair. Silica is responsible for producing collagen protein, which is the building block of health and bouncy hair. If you check the ingredients of any hair product, silicone has to be there as it makes the hair glossy and healthy.

Banana hair mask for dandruff: Banana hair mask recipes are not a modern invention as they have been used since ancient ages. Even the written scriptures mention the importance of banana peel, flower, leaves, and whole fruit in treating hair and scalp related ailments. A most common condition, i.e. dandruff can be easily treated using a banana hair pack.

Banana hair mask for healthy growth: Silicone and iron aren’t the only nutrients present in the yellow fruit, as there is also a right amount of antioxidants which enhances the defence system to fight against dermatological ailments, both mild and severe. The banana mask also helps to develop healthy hair follicle, which helps in growing dense hair.

How To Make A Banana Hair Mask?

Banana with egg hair mask: Banana and egg is an excellent combination for a good and effective hair mask to get long-lasting strength and shining locks. To make a banana-egg mask, you will need one or two fresh and ripe bananas and an egg. To make the mask, mash the banana using your hands and turn it into a paste and then pour whole egg yolk in it. After that, you need to blend the mixture thoroughly and then apply it to your hair, focusing primarily on the scalp and split ends. Leave it as it is for around fifteen minutes, and then rinse it using lukewarm water.

Honey And Banana Hair Mask

Honey is also a rich source of antioxidants, which conditions skin and scalp with equal benefits. It also speeds up the healing of dry and irritated skin and also preserves the moisture content in it. To make a banana honey mask, you will need two ripe bananas and about 1tbsp of honey. Similar to the previous method, mash the bananas with hands and then blend it with a tablespoon of honey. After applying it all over the scalp and ends, leave it as it is for 15 minutes and then rinse away with lukewarm water. You can also use a good hair conditioner for getting a shiny look.

Similar to the above two banana hair masks, you can also make banana coconut and banana avocado masks.


Bananas have a unique soft and chewy texture, and your hair can also get the same by using a banana hair pack. It’s worth mentioning that scientists haven’t done a lot of research on the efficacy of bananas in treating hair damage. The reason for that isn’t because it was a very complicated thing to research about, which it surely is not, but because bananas don’t need research to prove its effectiveness!



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