Avail Best Treatment Plan In Breast Cancer Cases In India

Close up of pink badge on woman chest to support breat cancer cause, PS: you can change the ribbon color to red to support AIDS cause as both using same symbol

Breast cancer is developed in women when cells in breast grow in uncontrolled manner. Breast cancer can spread out of breast through lymph vessel or blood vessels. The symptoms may start with lump on breast or bloody discharge from nipple or texture or shape of breast may be changed. Metastatic Breast cancer may start with pain. Treatment plan of Breast cancer may start with surgery followed by radiation therapy, hormonal therapy and then chemotherapy. Diagnosis of kind of Breast cancer is important .Depending upon nature, phases of treatment may be initiated. The treatment procedures can be availed from good cancer care treatment centers .The estimated average Breast cancer treatment cost in India is 5 to 6 lacks. These procedures may involve surgery, radiation therapy, investigations etc.

Breast cancer treatment plan

It has been observed in India that cases of Breast cancer are rising rapidly in last decade. Effective screening methods are applied to detect Breast cancer in cancer care units   in India. Personalized care with treatment plan is usually adopted as per status of patients in India. The expert team carefully diagnoses level of Breast cancer and starts advanced treatment plan on patients with initiation of breast cancer surgery. In critical cases, united specialized team work together to deliver best options relevant to particular cancer case.

Indications for cancer

Justealthx is a concern offering health care services for all types of diseases. The professionals take care of each patient with great care so that medical journey of each patient becomes effective with easy mode. Some warning symptoms in body with cancer are be listed below:

  • Thickening of breast or creation of lumps
  • Change of shape , color , size of breast is changed
  • Loss of appetite out of explanation
  • New type of pain in bones
  • Other relevant symptoms

Types of breast cancer surgery

If in diagnosis, breast cancer is detected, then some series of treatment may be referred. This obviously should include breast cancer surgery. There are two types of breast surgery like lumpectomy and mastectomy. The reason of the surgery is to remove entire lump from breast. Along with cancerous cells, normal tissue in small rim around tumor is also removed by surgeon. The shape of breast after surgery will depend on amount of tissue removed from breast. Mastectomy, surgeon removes the entire breast along with nipple. Sometimes, shape of breast and nipple are restructured at the time of surgery.

Post surgery therapy

After surgery on breast cancer is conducted, radiation therapy is applied on the area of tumor cells to prevent further growth around the portion. After radiation therapy, as per plan of treatment, chemotherapy may be provided. The exact treatment plan varies from case to case. It depends on the decision of expert team of healthcare professionals. Therapies are offered based on latest research guidelines by professionals. Radiation therapy, hormone therapy, drug therapy, chemotherapy is often offered by professionals. But, these therapies are provided as per characteristics of tumor.


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