Astrological Gemstones: What are they and Its benefits

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Astrological gemstones are special stones, which promise to have divine powers and able to bring good fortune to the wearer. They have holistic powers and are capable of bringing fame, healing and positive energy to its wearer. 

These gemstones containing the healing power, which we often activate by wearing them as ornaments, such as rings or necklaces. We also place them in water, leaving it overnight and the next morning we consume the water. The gemstones enliven the vital energy centers or the chakras in your body, thereby directly influencing the vats, pitta and kapha. You can use these gemstones even to pacify or activate specific organs of the body. You can also enhance or neutralize the effects of particular planets in the person’s astrological birth chart. 

Important Points about Gemstones

Let’s look at some of the important general points about the astrological gemstones. 

  • Gemstones absorbs the qualities and energy vibrations of the wearer. It is important to purify any stone before using it. Soaking it for a couple of days in saltwater or milk is sufficient and prevents harming the stone. 
  • When you wear a gemstone, ensure the stone touches your skin through a small window in the setting. The touching of the stone helps in transferring the subtle energies of the stone can interact directly with the energies of the body. 

How and which gemstones to wear?

Ayurveda recommends wearing the ring on the right hand. Processed and chemically treated stones does not have the same healing energy. Hence, you should get authentic clean and unprocessed without any flaw or crack. When you want to buy stones online check it with a magnifying glass, though which will make the cracks and other imperfections visible. 

Consult an expert before investing in a stone, if you have least knowledge in stones and Vedic astrology (jyotish). If you invest in a wrong gem or have worn a gem in a wrong part of the body can have a negative influence. 

Specific zodiac signs have specific gemstones that suit them well. For instance, Mars rules Aries and Scorpio. Hence, red coral stone is the most suitable for people falling under the zodiac signs of Aries Scorpio. The stone enhances the energy of the planet Mars and helps the wearer to win over their enemies, depression and lethargy. The person also gains the capability to fight with their nervousness. 


You must follow a straightforward to wear the specific gemstone, which will increase the effect of the beneficial planet as per your horoscope. You must carefully chose your gemstones to maximize the positive effect of the ruling planet as per you horoscope. It is beneficial to consult an expert astrologer before you are choosing any gemstone for solving your problems. If you want to the best quality Govt. certified stones, you can buy stones online. Mr. Pankaj Khanna is an experienced gemstones seller serving for more than two decades. You can also refer to the best stone price in India from their website. 


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