Artemisia wormwood is a not easily seen herb showing numerous health properties. Wormwood is suggested primarily for digestive problems, female ailments, and therefore the fight against parasites, but some contraindications are used.


Artemisia wormwood, also called your herb, dog rue, vermouth, or absinthe, could be a perennial found in various parts of the planet. It can survive even in additional difficult conditions, so it is often found in Europe and North America, Asia, and a few areas of Africa. In Poland, wormwood is commonly used for medicinal purposes – it’s harvested during the flowering period, usually within the middle or at the top of April.


Artemisia wormwood is recognized among those who use natural methods of treatment. Why is that this inconspicuous plant so popular? Wormwood has numerous health properties, primarily showing :

  1. bactericidal,
  2. anti-inflammatory
  3. antispasmodics,
  4. choleretic,
  5. fighting parasites.

The healing properties of wormwood are because of the substances it contains – you’ll be able to find tannins, essential oils, mineral salts, and flavonoids in it.


Artemisia wormwood affects, among other things, the systema alimentarium. It will be utilized in cases of indigestion or gastritis. Wormwood infusion is also recommended for heartburn problems, flatulence, or a sense of heaviness within the stomach. The compounds within the plant support liver cleansing processes and, therefore, the discharge of bile from the gallbladder to the duodenum. They will also stimulate the appetite and support metabolism – this action may help the weight loss process.

Wormwood is additionally a valuable remedy within the case of typically female ailments – for this reason, it’s called a maiden herb. It’s primarily accustomed to regulate menstrual cycles. Artemisia wormwood may help fight parasites living within the system, including pinworms, nematodes, and human roundworms. Cenforce 100 and cenforce 200 are the best way to treat ed. Volatile oil may be used externally to treat scabies or head lice in children and adults, and when applied to the chest, it facilitates breathing and reduces coughing.


For pro-health purposes, the infusion of wormwood is very recommended. The way to make it? Pour one teaspoon of the herb into a glass, pour boiling water over it and let it brew for 20 to half-hour. Then you would like to strain it and drink half or one teaspoon of the drink three times every day. As mugwort wormwood incorporates a bitter taste, you’ll add a touch of sugar or honey to the brew. You’ll also reach for ready-made teas in sachets available in herbal shops or pharmacies. Before preparation, only read the instructions carefully and strictly follow the manufacturer’s dosing recommendations.

In pharmacies, you’ll also find oral fluids with wormwood, sage, thyme, fennel, thyme, and marshmallow, which support the digestive and immune systems’ functioning. Another choice is to arrange a decoction of wormwood within the proportion of 1 or two teaspoons of wormwood per glass of water. After bringing it to the boil, it should be boiled for about 5 minutes, then cooled down and drained. A decoction of wormwood may be used externally.

Wormwood leaves and flowers also are wont to make alcohol. On the idea of wormwood extract, mainly absinthe is produced, i.e., high-percentage drinking, but this herb’s tinctures are popular. Famous artists, including Hemingway and Vincent painter, liked the absinthe. At only once, however, wormwood failed to enjoy the most effective fame. Vidalista 20 and Kamagra Oral Jelly try to cure ed. It absolutely was believed to be psychoactive and induced hallucinations, which was the explanation for numerous controversies. It soon clad that the possible side effects aren’t the results of consuming wormwood itself, but a consequence of an absence of moderation or reaching for absinthe from unknown sources. Today, you’ll be able to buy absinthe, tincture, or other wormwood drinks without much difficulty, but as always, with alcohol, the sense is essential.


However, you must bear in mind that everyone can’t employ wormwood – the most contraindication is an allergy to the herb’s ingredients. Children, pregnant, and breastfeeding women can’t reach for wormwood infusion. Wormwood is additionally not recommended for people liable to bleeding, with gastric or duodenal ulcers and hemorrhoids. The information of this herb should also not be drunk by people tormented by cardiovascular disease.

While others can enjoy the advantages of wormwood, it can’t be used for long periods. You’ll use wormwood infusion for a maximum of 10 days, after which you would like to require a precise stage of several weeks. You ought to even be moderate in its use and don’t take doses on top of recommended. Failure to try and do so may lead to side effects such as:

  1. diarrhea,
  2. nausea,
  3. vomiting,
  4. insomnia,
  5. anxiety attacks,
  6. nightmares
  7. dizziness.

Overdosing on wormwood can result in seizures, renal disorder, or retention.

Artemisia wormwood is a not easily seen herb that grows all told conditions and might be found within the fields. Although it’s a variety of health-promoting properties, it should be remembered that you must use wisdom and follow the recommended amounts of its consumption when using it.


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