Are Forums A Good Place for Boosting?


Boosting means letting a higher skilled player log in to your account and play on your behalf and win matches to improve your MMR; for example, a bronze player can have his account boosted and get to platinum or even higher ranks. Now let’s talk about the methods through which you can get your account boosted. You can go to a website, which is a relatively secure way of getting your account boosted, or you can find someone on a forum to have your League of Legends account boosted. However, forums are not a better choice compared to an appropriate website. Let us discuss why?


Disadvantages of Boosting through Forums

As money is tight for many people, getting someone from a forum to boost your account for cheap may seem like a good deal, but that can have its fair share of problems. Some of the risks are as follows:

Risk of Getting Scammed

When you go to online gaming forums, it can be tempting to see the low prices they are offering to boost your account than other legit platforms. As they work alone, they can offer you the same services for way less, but since there is no middle man, you can easily get scammed. They might take your money and disappear since there is always a risk of getting scammed on the internet. On the other hand, websites provide more surety.

Customer Service

You do not get any customer service when you get someone to boost your account through a forum as they do not work for any well-known platform. They lack business ethics, and of course, you do not want to sit around for weeks not being able to play.

False Advertising

Anyone can publish an advertisement on forums, and you have no way of checking the real skill of the player that you are hiring through the forum to boost your account. They might advertise and boost their rank when, in reality, they might even be worse than you. Even if they share their profile, you have no way of verifying if it is theirs.

Risk of Getting Banned

Boosting your rank to rank up to the higher leagues is no easy task as it requires weeks and sometimes even months of grinding the game. Legit boosting platforms rank you up by genuinely playing games and winning. Still, if you get someone from any random forum to boost your rank, you have no idea how they are going to do it they might use cheats or other cheating techniques to get your account boosted which may lead to your account getting banned.

No Guarantee of Results

There is no guarantee of getting your desired results from someone you hire from forums, unlike genuine boosting platforms with players who have proven to be able to reach Master or Challenger level on their own before. But people on forums might not have the skill required to reach the rank you paid for. Ultimately, all your time and money would go to waste.

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