Are classes available for high school students at GIIS during the COVID-19?


As Covid-19 hit, GIIS Singapore instantly switched to the Virtual School format which was part of their educational continuity plan.

Online schools are the new normal for education and GIIS has provisioned its students with an excellent online education facility. 

For high school students, as many as 11,000 students reap the benefits of online high school in GIIS in 7 countries. It was provided with a high standard of education at the comfort of their home.

 The online school for high school students runs on a secure online software. GIIS has paid for a license of around 5000 students per country, which gives them access to online meeting spaces which are totally safe and secure. 

Online school students get an ID and password for the meetings. The teachers have complete control over the classroom infrastructure and rights to allow people into the online room. They determine whether video and audio can be switched on for the students, which eliminates the possibility of pranking and playing truant when the online classroom is in session.

Trained teachers started conducting lessons as usual from smart devices, and any technical issues were solved within 24 hours. 

GIIS initiates real time lectures where the students have to study according to the schedule and attend regular lectures. Students are asked to complete assignments and research just as in school. 

The use of modern technology such as videos and virtual labs, under strict supervision of the teacher, creates an engaging atmosphere for the students. The teachers of GIIS are highly qualified and are able to deliver highly effective lectures in the online school.

Students themselves have taken an initiative to run their own events online. They have run online competitions, quizzes, discussions, projects and even webinars as part of the learning through these online classes.


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