Are All Strains Created Equal?


To the uninitiated eye, it may appear that all types of cannabis are the same. It can be tricky to understand the subtle distinctions, or realise the benefits which can come from trying something new. 

Australia is a haven for cannabis growers; the hot, dry climate lends itself perfectly to an array of seed types, and of cannabis strains. These each have their own advantages and strengths, and will appeal to different growers for different reasons. Still confused? Read on to discover everything you need to know about different cannabis strains, and broaden your horizons for the better!


What Is Indica?

One of the main ingredients to look for in a good-quality cannabis is indica. This is a substance which offers the traditional ‘weed’ affect – a calm, relaxed feeling, euphoria, and the chance to chill out and relax. Perfect for calming you down, helping you sleep, or allowing you to unwind, an indica-strong strain is the perfect choice to really kick back and enjoy the benefits of marijuana.

So which types of weed should you be buying to benefit from this? We have a comprehensive list of the top indica marijuana strains to try – have fun experimenting to find your best pick.


  • Girl Scout Cookies

Aptly named, Girl Scout Cookies is a strain of cannabis which offers 21% THC content, and this helps to kickstart and boost your mental agility while still keeping the body cool, calm and relaxed. This strain is known for offering extreme euphoria, while keeping you sharp and alert when you need it most.

The Girl Scout Cookies strain enjoys a laid-back, Mediterranean climate to grow in peace and quiet. They are disease resistant, parasite avoidant, and fast-growing. As an added bonus they even smell great!


  • Northern Lights

As bright and colorful as their namesake, Northern Lights cannabis is bright, dramatic and bold. It offers a spicy taste, and the chance to take your dreams to a whole other level of psychedelic goodness thanks to 0% Sativa genetics. With an 18% THC content, you can stay calm and relaxed while enjoying a higher level of thinking and creativity.

Northern Lights enjoys – not surprisingly – the outdoors, and is famous for being super easy to grow both indoors and outside.


If you are already familiar with growing cannabis, and want something a little more challenging, take your cannabis journey to the next level with Skywalker OG. With a whopping 26% THC content, this is powerful, psychedelic and transformative, leaving you feeling strong, smart and ready to take on the Empire.

This is a strain which thrives in the great outdoors, and should be grown in dry air – too much moisture can encourage unwanted mildew.


  • Afghan

Once of the most famous and classic indica strains, Afghan offers 205 THC and 0% Sativa, allowing users to blend high levels of euphoria with a cozy, chilled relaxation. Even better, this is a strain which is super easy to grow both in both an indoor and an outdoor space.


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