Android Application Development and The Reasons For Its Rise

android app development

Smartphones have by far the most applications made for than any other technological device on the planet. The reason for it is really simple, there are 3.8 billion smartphone users across the globe. Which means there are 3.8 billion potential clients available to profit from. You can look back and see that a simple game such as Flappy Bird had 50 million downloads and generated about 18 million dollars a year. This not only gives hope to developers but also motivates the youth to make money out of something they enjoy doing.

The Rise in Application Demand

As more and more millennials grab hold of smartphones, they keep demanding new apps. It is almost as if they are addicted to it. Smartphone applications have made televisions and mainstream media channels obsolete. So much so that the television behemoths of the past are too shifting to the mobile application format.

The smartphone revolution influenced the world to an extent where once, places like the UAE are setting up new software hubs every week, and there is a flood of applicants at any custom android app development company in Dubai. The novel coronavirus certainly boosted the demand for custom applications as most of the world is currently using their smartphones to keep in touch with the world.

How to be an Android App Developer

There are a few goals that you need to achieve before you can dive into your very own android application development procedure. After you have attained the knowledge from these goals, nothing will seem difficult to you whatsoever. Without further ado, let us get started on what you need to know before you know how to do it.

  • Learn Java and a little bit of C++

So, learning java is no small feat, in fact, for most of us, it is a giant leap. But it can’t be ignored as almost all the applications are built on it. The reason why you need to learn a little bit of C++ is due to some applications are built in it

  • Android SDK

The Android Software Development Kit houses everything you will require to begin and finish your application. It is free software from Google and it also contains extra tools to test and debug Android apps.

  • Practice

Make sure to practice writing code every day, no matter how long or short it is. Try basic codes, like building a retro game or a calculator. As you keep on practicing coding, you will yourself know how your confidence and knowledge increases.

  • Take online Courses

There are many cheap interactive courses online that get you associated with app development. These courses might seem like they have nothing new to offer, but every course has a variation in how they write code or what language they use. Taking these courses will make you realize which course you are the most comfortable with.

  • Research

In the tech industry, research is one of the most important things. Read articles or magazines concerning technology, as they mostly focus on what is next for technology and take that as your goal to develop it or develop an app that surpasses it.

The Career and Wage

In the UAE, as it is still industrializing, the demand for app developers keeps on increasing. This is due to the initiative of businesses trying to reach out to multiple customers at once. The average salary offered to a developer ranges from 72000 AED ( 1-4 years of experience) all the way up to 145000 AED per annum (5+ years’ experience). This career is relatively more stable than other careers as the demand for it will only rise while the world keeps evolving technologically.


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