An Ultimate Guide to Buying a Diamond With Little or No Knowledge


Buying diamonds can be a real challenge if you are concerned about purity and getting the right product. When people buy the best diamond jewellery or engagement rings, they are somewhat rushing to check for purity. But it’s not a good idea to rely on the jeweller entirely and depend on what he provides.

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With little or no knowledge, people are still buying diamonds in the best way. And this article is here to be your guide in this so that your next purchase becomes worth it.

Know about the 4Cs: The first thing you should know about diamonds is the 4Cs (carat, clarity, cut, and colour). These four things are the essentials in diamonds to ensure they are real deals. When you buy natural diamonds, the measurement of the 4Cs will be different than the lab-grown diamonds.

In that case, you will know whether the lab diamond you are buying is pure or not. The clarity or inclusion count will be more, the colours will be different, the cut will be more specific to get the light test even more sparkling, and the carat size will be different.

When you can determine the differences, you will be a master in buying diamonds. And you don’t have to work hard on it to do the analysis.

Know about the Process: When you buy a diamond, consider its processing. It might be made in the labs, but lab diamonds also have two different processes: hpht vs cvd. So, make sure you know how they are made and purely formed.

You can also do the light test and other required tests to check if the diamond is pure or not. If synthetic diamonds make you a bit confused, consider taking an expert’s suggestion.

Take a Friend or Expert: It’s necessary to take someone with you when you shop for th diamond. If you don’t have a reliable jeweller, you should ask experts or professionals. In that case, if you don’t have ideas or no knowledge about diamond’s purity checks, you can rely on them.

Sometimes, it’s also necessary to do the hpht vs cvd check because you should know the process worth making the diamond stone.

Ensure the Certification: It’s a must to get your certificate when buying a diamond. The certification must be from an accredited source like GIA OR IGI that ensures purity. You will have all the details of the diamond 4Cs and other required things to determine that you are purchasing the right product. If you are confused about the certification, make sure you do a little research about it online.

Overall, a diamond purchase shouldn’t be made unless you are sure about the purity. If you don’t know, you should take a professional’s help instead. It will help you get your desired item even though you are a newbie. Investing your money in such a big deal shouldn’t come out of confusion, but be confident about what you’re purchasing.


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