Amazingly Creative Ways You Can Improve Your Dark Wizards Costumes from Harry Potter Series


A great spectacle is what defines cosplay. A great misconception is that for cosplay you need to have all the right accessories and expensive costumes, etc. However, this is not completely true. Though costumes do play an important role in cosplay, it is the basics that matter most and that’s where your focus should be. The iconic dark wizards from the Harry Potter series are extremely popular in the cosplay-verse. From the easy getup of a Death Eater to the hardest to ace look of the Dark Lord, Voldemort himself, it always pays off to dress up as the dark and deadly necromancers.

Lord Voldemort

People believe that to recreate the look of He Who Must Not Be Named, you need a lot of prosthetics and accessories and it is the hardest look to pull off from the Harry Potter universe. It is true to some extent but it does not mean that Lord Voldemort’s looks cannot be replicated unless you have state-of-the-art accessories. With the ideas given here, you will be able to ace the look of Tom Riddle – the Dark Lord as easily as he hits his enemies with Aveda Kadevra!

As it is not very practical to replicate Lord Voldemort’s popular nose-less look, it is best to get a latex mask for that, but it is not mandatory. If you are a pro and believe that you can achieve the look with makeup, no one is stopping you. Next is Bloody Red Contact Lenses, and an unembellished wizard robe followed by fake nails from the Zombie accessories aisle. With a Dark Mark (a tattoo that connects the death eaters with Lord Voldemort) on your wrist and a wand in your hand, and portraying his personality trait and a few words in Parseltongue, you can easily be mistaken for the Dark Lord.

Get a stuffed python on your shoulders portraying Nagini and mothers will hide their children from you!

Bellatrix Lestrange

If you are a true Harry Potter fan, you must know that He Who Must Not Be Named had no other follower more loyal than Bellatrix Lestrange. She is a beautiful, sultry woman with the darkest of hearts. She is a sadist who takes pleasure in torturing her victims instead of killing them right away and though her years in Azkaban turned her gaunt and she appeared older. To transform yourself into the nastiest Dark Sorceress this Halloween, you will need a pale foundation and darker makeup.

The best way to dress up as the cruelest witch from the Black Family who married Rudolphus Lestrange, you will need her signature hairstyle, her heavy curly hair. If you have thick heavy hair, go for the curls if you don’t have them already or you can get a wig. Bellatrix’s style is a mixture of gothic and Renaissance. So, you will need a Renaissance style Black Dress, a black corset along with a pair of black gloves and black boots. Heavily lidded eyes with dark, smokey eye makeup and black Halloween Contact Lenses, combined with blackish crimson lip colour and deep contouring is also required. To finish off the look, all you need is a Bellatrix style wand, a Raven Skull Necklace and sinister sneer, and her disgust towards muggles, that’s part of her signature look. A couple of friends dressed as Death Eaters or her sister Narcissa Malfoy can make your entrance more spectacular!

Death Eater

Do you know what makes evil look cool? The Death Eaters of course. A set of Dark Wizards appointed by You Know Who, with a deep hatred for muggles, half-bloods, and scorn for anything and anyone they deem inferior. A Death Eater look is the perfect costume for the night when the evil is set free. They are brutal, they want to incite fear and are very easy to portray as well.

To portray these malevolent Dark Arts wizards, you will need a Death Eater Mask (how easy can it get as the Literary Death Eaters literally wear a mask to hide their true identity). Black pants and a shirt combined with a Victorian-style jacket, black shoes, and a flowing cloak with a hood is the perfect attire. But no Death Eater is actually one unless he or she has the signature “Dark Mark” given to them by Lord Voldemort when they are recruited. A temporary tattoo would take care of that and of course don’t forget a wand, their weapon of power.

Make a dark and enigmatic entry with your besties as you cosplay with them as fellow Death Eaters, keeping everyone’s identity a secret. Add a friend dressed as Bellatrix Lestrange and the Dark Lord himself to the group and you will emanate fear everywhere you go.


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