Amazing Things to Do in Kasol


We have a life that is full of connections, memories, and a desire to explore untouched nature’s beauty. When you travel to Kasol, you can make friendship with other travelers (Nice connection), spending time with your loved ones ( unforgettable memories), and exploring the jaw-dropping beauties of Kosal (touching the untouched nature) 

That means after visiting Kasol, your life will get filled with connections, memories, natures’ beauty. 

Kasol is one of the most beautiful places to discover in India. In our opinion, Kosal is the only place where you can test your inner strength by trekking and hiking and get peace of mind by meditating in between the mountains. This place has so much to offer you. Below we have listed the fun things you can do in Kasol. 


Kasol and Kheerganga Trek 


Kosal, the rich in natural beauty, is the perfect trek destination for beginners. If you want something soothing your feet, then try Kheerganga trek. It lies at the extreme end of Parvati valley and the inhibited village while trekking to pin valley. When you trek, you will see high cloudy skies touching the mountains, chipping sounds of the birds, lush greenery, and a hot water spring. Imagine yourself bathing in hot water where everything is blended in snow. Along the way, Dhaba food is available. You can pack essential food for the rest of the climb. Make sure you carry warm clothes, comfortable shoes, and lots of strength to trek. The best time to visit the Kheerganga trek is May- June and September- October. 

You can reach Kasol by air, train, or bus. If you need more convenience, you can hand it over to a travel company like us to arrange your Kasol and Kheerganga trek trip. 

Fantastic Isreal Food 

Maggi and Chai are overrated. Give your taste buds a treat with scrumptious Israel food. You can try hummus with pita bread, burka, chicken shipudim etc. If you love dessert, you can pick lemon cakes; they are extremely mouth-watering. 

Staying Next to Parvati River

There are many beautiful places in Kosal to stay, but spending a night near Parvati river is unmatchable. When you wake up, you will hear the white noise of the river that rejuvenates your mind. We sure when you reach the Parvati River you can literally sit there a day. If you want to find yourself and catch the energy, then stay next to Parvati River. 

Beautiful Villages 

Kasol is famous for lots of villages. Some of the most popular villages are Manala and Tosh valley. As you enter the villages, you will see a very simple and relaxed lifestyle- wooden houses, lush greenery, and friendly villagers. There are many stories and hidden secrets about the villages. When you plan a trip for Kosal, spend a day in Malana or Tosh village at least. 

Gaze the endless starry sky 

There is nothing more beautiful and soothing than gazing from the heights. All worries and present problems will vanish when you simply enjoy the stargazing. 

Unparalleled Scenic Beauty 

We can say 1000 times that natural beauty lies in Kasol only. The closer you come, the more beautiful it looks. No matter, it is not surrounded by monuments, 5-star hotels, and advanced water sports. As we all know, simplicity lies in beauty; that’s what Kasol is. 

Shop at Flea Market in Kasol 

However, the market of Kosal is not engaging and exciting like other markets. It is pretty basic and has only a woolen collection. If you want to shop for your friends, family or yourself, you can purchase cardigan, handicrafts, dreamcatcher and bongs. 

Try Local Drinks like Chhang and Lugari

If you are an alcoholic, then you can try these drinks. Chhang is a kind of beer made by using rice or barley. And Lugari is too made of rice. These alcoholic drinks are unmatchable. So, cheers with your friends and have a glass of chang and lugari. 

Enjoy a relaxing foot massage. 

If you get tired after trekking and looking for a comfortable foot massage, then you head to any spa. If you want something quick, you can see there are many massagers on the street that sit with tiny bottles for giving a massage. 

Final Say:

I hope you enjoyed this article. If you are planning to visit Kasol and looking for an expert who can design your trip you can get in touch with us. We are a leading and most reputable itinerary designers. As per your preferences and budget, we can plan your trip to Kasol and kheerganga trek or similar places like hampta pass and chandratal trek



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