Amazing Calacatta Quartzite Worktop Designs For Striking Kitchen Renovation


Calacatta quartzite worktop is a beautiful stone, which is highly resistant to weathering and cracks. It is also known as the third strongest stone on this planet. You can source it in any colour and design that you could imagine.

Although you can find the similarities of the original Calacatta marble in various other stones like Caesarstone Calacatta Nuvo, the appearance of Calacatta quartzite is close to the real marble.

Why Choose Calacatta Quartzite Worktops?

Calacatta quartzite kitchen worktops are preferred by homeowners who love the natural appeal of marble-like veining on the kitchen worktop but not ready to deal with the flaws of the natural stone, such as porous surface and vulnerability to stains, scratches, etching, etc.

Another reason that people select this quartzite material is that professionals in the worktop industry manufacture it. Plus, it is available in so many beautiful patterns and colours. Overall, quartzite offers you the best ROI. That’s why it’s worth your money.

Value of Classic Calacatta Quartzite

Unlike other natural stones available in a classic and natural state, the classic Calacatta quartzite is highly durable and sturdy. It is designed to meet the requirements of all types of customers and environments where it needs to be installed. The best thing about quartzite is that it resembles natural Calacatta marble like no other natural or human-made stone. Hence, it offers the goodness of marble to a property, along with many of its distinctive features.

What is Quartzite Worktops consist of?

Quartzite kitchen countertops are the metamorphic rock consisting of natural quartz. Its formation takes place under extreme heat and pressure to bring change in its natural state of sandstone. Further, the metamorphism process takes place, along with certain chemical activities, to complete the formation of a quartzite worktop.

Some of the features and benefits of quartzite:

  • Extremely durable

  • Combination of sophisticated looks and crystalline minerals

  • Decadent and luxurious

  • Highly suitable for modern interiors

  • Available in earthy colours

  • Increases resale value to your property

  • Easy to maintain

  • The honed finish offers the perfect vintage appearance

  • Third strongest mineral on the Earth

  • Eco-friendly and non-toxic

  • Natural product

  • Suitable for busy food preparation areas

Type of Calacatta quartzite worktops

Different types of Calacatta quartzite worktops mimicking the authenticity of real Calacatta marble are:

Calacatta Boheme: Calacatta Boheme quartzite is likely to bring the natural beauty of Calacatta marble UK into your home. However, this worktop material is highly resistant to stains and scratches. Moreover, the toughness of the material adds more value to the natural essence of its monochromatic shades. Calacatta Boheme is perfect for adding luxury and chic appeal to any interior.

Calacatta Brazil quartzite: This quartzite worktop has been created to bring the purity of Calacatta into your home without bearing any flaws of marble. If you wish to add the look of natural Calacatta marble to your home and are worried about etching, chipping, stains or scratches, this stone is perfect for you. Besides its fantastic appearance, Calacatta Brazil quartzite also provides higher resistance compared to granite. Instead, it is one of the most durable stones available on Earth. So, you’ll find that only two gems, Diamond and Ruby, are more robust than this natural stone. Plus, you will find that etching, scratches or staining are less likely to appear on its surface. On top of all that, it offers the exotic look to the interior where it’s installed.

Calacatta Macaubas Quartzite: This countertop material has been created to add beauty and elegance to your bathroom and kitchen. Boasting soft white background with a smoky grey veining pattern, this slab is likely to complement any modern interior. Thus, it is suitable for both residential and commercial properties and also perfect to be installed on walls and flooring.

Taj Mahal quartzite: This is another brilliant natural stone from Brazil. It features a delicate beige background with a veining pattern ranging from whites, beige and particular tinges of greys and orange. With incredible versatility, this worktop slab adds fantastic appearance to the interior with its marble-like appearance. It also performs tougher than granite and hence, ideal for some of the demanding areas in your home. This quartzite also differs from marble in terms of NO calcium content. Moreover, the Taj Mahal quartzite cannot etch even when exposed to acidic substances like lemon, orange and other citrus foods. That makes it ideal for


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