All you need to know about the apostille attestation systems


 Attestation in simple words means attestation that has been done on the personal documents as well as all the educational documents. The concept of apostille attestation has been accepted as well as widely recognised by more than a hundred nations that belong to a specific kind of convention. The apostille is a process in which any of the documents that has been apostilled in one of the member countries will be acceptable in other countries who belong to that particular convention. This concept is very much beneficial for the people because there won’t be any kind of need of getting the documents attested to several other countries separately.


 The whole procedure of apostille attestation has been mentioned as follows:


  1. All the students who are planning to study abroad need to get the documents attested.
  2. Applicants will also be required to visit with electronic service for verification attestation of documents that is introduced by the Indian Ministry of External Affairs, the Government of India.
  3. The candidates are also required to upload the documents and pay the standard fees by the service provider.
  4. The documents have to be digitally verified by the Department of Internal Affairs and the General Administration Department, the Government of India.
  5. Then the Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India will verify the digitally signed and pre-approved documents.
  6. And finally, the attested documents with the help of apostille stickers will be dispatched to the applicant.


 The people need to note that the Ministry of External Affairs does not accept documents directly from the applicants and individuals which is the main reason that availing the services of outsourcing agencies that are designated to perform all these kinds of activities is very vital so that people can fulfil their overall purposes. The Ministry of External Affairs will be charging the people with the standard fees of Rs.50 per document. The fees will be charged by the outsourced agencies depending upon per document system. Documents ranging from personal, commercial or educational groups can be authenticated with the help of these kinds of services and the document should be available in the digital repository for apostille systems. In case the document is not recognised by the services then the applicant will be required to approach the regional authentication centres to upload the documents and submit them to the nearest outsourced centre so that they can be verified and attested.


 Many times the candidates are left wondering why the document has been rejected because in most of the cases the process is authentic and documents are not rejected. It will only be rejected in the following two cases:


  1. The origin of the document cannot be verified
  2. The formal elements differ radically from the model certificate depending upon the convention.


 Hence, availing of the services of the company is into this particular area is very vital in the whole process so that people can indulge in right kind of degree certificate attestation and can fulfil their overall purposes very easily.


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