All you Need to Know About Quorum Cigars


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If you are a cigar enthusiast, you should have heard of the name Quorum. Quorum cigars are the number one selling hand-made cigars in the United States and other parts of the world. The J.C Newman manufacturers make quorum cigars, and they are available in bundles at quite thrilling prices.

There are three different blends of the Quorum cigars, Maduro, classic, and shade. All blends have Nicaraguan fillers; the difference exists in the wrappers and binders used.

What’s Unique about Quorum Cigars?

The quorum cigars are the leading selling imported hand-made cigars globally. The cigars have been in the markets since the 1990s, and their vintage styles explain their continued existence today. For any cigarette smoker, you are losing a lot if you have never tried this gem!

They are only hand-made cigars selling as a bundle at a peasant price ranging between 1-2$. Everyone can afford these cigars regardless of the size of their wallet. Never judge a product’s quality to its price. For example, quorum cigars are quite valuable products, but their price tags are wanting such that one would doubt their quality. The quorum cigars originated from Nicaragua, a state popularly known for its rich volcano soils. The country is home to about 23 volcanos, which flood the ground with rich soils favorable for tobacco growth, among other crops.

Quorum cigars stand out in the market with the short-filler-like prices challenging the traditional long-filler brands. Their construction is the selling features of the quorum bundle cigars. The manufacturer has concentrated on maintaining quality consistency through the use of unique binders and wrappers. Although they have the same fillers, the binders and wrappers generate a great difference in appearance and flavors.

Quorum cigars blends

As mentioned above, there are three distinct blends of the quorum cig. The distinction is brought by the wrapper and binders used during cigar production. The blends include:

  • Quorum Maduro

Quorum Maduro cigars have a bold colored wrapper. It is produced with a Sumatra sun-grown wrapper and a Connecticut broadleaf Nicaragua binder. Maduro is a Spanish word meaning ripened; thus, the Quorum Maduro cigars are produced from completely ripened tobacco leaves. Moreover, the Maduro cigar production process is lengthy, unlike the other two, thus giving it a darker and more defined shade.

  • The Shade

Ecuadorian Connecticut shade wrapper is used in the production of quorum shade cigars. Unlike the Maduro, shade cigars are a bit lighter, with delicate flavors. The wrappers are grown under shades producing thin-layered leaves, unlike the sun-grown ones. Quorum cigars feature a mellow strength with a smooth and spicy nutty flavor.

  • The classic

Like the names suggest, classic quorums are made of classy Ecuadorian sun-grown wrappers. Unlike its counterpart, the classic blend wrapper gives sweet, smooth, toasty-cider flavors. The wrapper leaves are sun-grown hence have a medium-strength, which fits readily with Nicaraguan binders.

Smoking is a pleasurable activity. Not every pleasure activity needs to be expensive to maintain. If you are a cigarette lover, now we have revealed a new secret of enjoying quality stuff at a peasant price.


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