All you need to know about hydraulic tube expansion systems


Hydraulic expansion is a process that ensures a close fit between a tube exterior diameter and another tube’s inner diameter. In the use of a solvent, the internal material is deformed by hydraulic tube expansion systems until it is in contact with the exterior material. In this way, liquids that would otherwise leak can avoid future corrosion.

Though they are the technical products, they are available with the industries that deal in the same. These products are generally available in the bulk amount. If you are looking for the products at affordable prices, then shopping for them from authorised dealers can save you a lot. 

Hydraulic tube expansion systems make the two round objects fit in tightly with each other. To conduct the hydraulic expansion, the inner diameter of another circular object must be chosen, with an external diameter very equal to. 

The pipe is filled with water, usually, into the larger circular piece. All tubes are filtered, and the water is pressurised. The water pressure in the inner walls of the tube is too high to bend the inside tube plastically.

A quick guide to hydraulic expansion 

Hydraulic expansion is a way to extend the tubing forming a tube to the tubing junction by using direct hydraulic pressure. The favoured expansion approach is by ASME code after resistance soldering.

Water pressure is given to the required high pressure from air-driven pumping systems and transferred to a lightweight, hand-held mandrel holder via a thin, compact, high-pressure hose. 

A mandrel is positioned in a correctly prescribed pressure zone and is fastened to the inner diameter of the tumble in one step over the full length of the joint. 

The pressure region is explicitly adjusted, reducing the damaging holes on the tube edges. This minimises stress, shrinkage and metallurgical shifts.

Where can you shop for the hydraulic expanders?

There is a wide variety of hydraulic expanders available in online shopping stores. You can have a look at the portfolios of the manufacturers and order the heat exchanger tube expander without any hassles. The expanders can also be purchased with several discounts and deals. Even if you are looking for bulk orders, then these expansion systems can be bought easily from various vendors. 

The operator automatically initiates the hydraulic expansion cycle. The tube has a low pressure of water, intensifies it to a higher position and is kept for the period necessary to achieve a stable plastic condition of the tube. To stabilise exotic tube materials, this time is essential. 

The water is then again drained back. All this happens within a few seconds. The current tube pressure is read by a digital or analogue tube pressure indicator. The heat exchanger tube expanders play a crucial role and have a significant impact on the customers for the satisfaction and value for money. 


This was a quick guide to help you with the concept of hydraulic tube expansion systems. Book your products today if you are planning to construct your project and enjoy your masterpiece. 


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