Ageing and skin health concerns- know and take care of your skin

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Ageing comes with many health effects as the body’s metabolism rate, and cell reproduction reduces. The results of age are felt by various body organs, including the skin. But the skin is on the external, and the effects are worse.

Wrinkles and thin skin that exposes blood veins and bones are the most profound effects among adults.  These changes lead to more skin health complications, which are fully expounded here! But these conditions are not permanent marks of disabilities. Instead, they have remedies in all purpose creams and other natural approaches, all which are useful in detail below.

Skin complications for advanced age persons

  1. Xerosis/Asteatotic Eczema/Dry skin among aged

Sensory skin is always a factor of dry skins among adults. Research of 2019 May 17 by Miranda A. Farage indicates that 60–70% of women and 50–60% of men in American have dry skin reported as sensitive skin. These is higher percentage of the general public. However, it is more prevalent among adults aged 40 years and above.

Often, it is a condition of shrinking strateum corneum (outer layer of the skin). Because the layer usually has dead cells, they crack as the skin shrinks causing the dry/sensitive skin. Exposed inner skin layers are prone to the reaction to environmental changes resulting in many effects. Itchy skin is a common characteristic that results in Scratches and pickings.Exposed inner skin layers are prone to the reaction to environmental changes resulting in many effects. Itchy skin is a common characteristic that results in Scratches and pickings.

Remedies for dry skin

There are several approaches to dry skins among adults. Some are natural, while others are medical. They sequentially appear in the list below:

  • Use gentle soap in cleaning dry skin as often as possible. The soap can contain a moisturizer, while water can be warm. Cleaning of dry skin should be done at least twice a day.
  • Wipe off the face with a soft clean, and dry towel.
  • Apply all purpose creams all over the body
  • Wear loosely fitting clothes to allow for enough aeration and moisture production.
  1. Bruises/ Senile Purpura

Usually, bruises are a result of injured skins and raptured body cells and blood vessels.  They are scares among the young but very common among the elderly. Reason being that any abnormality in the skin can cause more harm to the elderly than the young. Small things like acne develop into wounds.

The reason is that exposed skin is prone to bacterial attack. But adults have fewer platelets and white blood cells in the blood compared to the young.  Low platelets cause slow blood clotting to seal exposed skin.  But low white blood cells don’t fight the pathogens effectively. Because of this effect, the primary cells to raptured ones become infected, and the chain continues to bring about a wound.

Remedies for wounds

Prevent the development of wounds by reducing or avoiding nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs).

An immediate solution to a bruise is the application of cold against the rapture wound. Often grabbing ice from the freezer and squeezing it against the wound is helpful. The reason for that is to reduce the blood flow and increase the clotting rate.

If one is on blood thinners or has deficient clotting effects, they should consult the physician.

For mild wounds, wash using spirit and apply all purpose creams all over the wound.

  1. Adverse drug reactions/ Stasis Dermatitis

At adults, there is high use of various drugs, including alcohol and cigarettes. Their common effect is poor blood circulation around the veins. The Condition is famously known as Stasis Dermatitis. It often results in skin ulcers.

  1. Skin infections

Ageing brings about so many skin infections listed below

  1. Non-melanomas- They are simply cancers of the skin. The most common is Basal cell carcinoma (BCC). It is caused by mutation of basal cells in the outermost layer due to DNA damage. Another most common non-melanoma is Squamous cell carcinoma (SCC).  It is a result of DNA damage in the cells leading to the mutations of squamous cells.
  2. Bacterial Infection- Often characterized by crusting and scaling
  3. Ringworm Infections- scaling, redness and blistering
  4. Blistering Eruptions- usually shingles and herpes zoster
  5. Bullous Pemphigoid- these are so many large blisters caused by a low immune system.
  6. Skin Growths- both cancerous and non-cancerous skin growths are experienced.

Remedies for skin infections

Each and every skin infection is diagnosed and treated separately. During then, it is advisable to avoid any other specials creams and lotions. Instead, stick to all purpose creams for significant results with various drugs. That’s in addition to observing proper skin hygiene using warm and not hot water.


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