Age Management for Women of Color through Skin Care


Much is said about different skincare needs of women with dry, oily, or combination skin. However, few of us know that the skincare regimen should vary even depending on your skin tone. If you are a woman of color, your skincare needs will be significantly different from those of light-skinned individuals. Knowing these differences is extremely crucial for successful age management for women of color. The section below would educate you about the right ways of taking care of colored skin.

Practice Gentle Cleansing

Any skin care regimen should begin with skin cleansing. However, when cleansing dark skin, you must be extra careful about picking your facial cleanser. Darker skin tends to become ashy if not moisturized properly. So, the cleanser you choose must be mild and gentle and should be formulated particularly for people with dry skin.

According to skincare experts, micellar water works best when it comes to cleansing dark skin. The tiny oil molecules or micelles present in micellar water will gently remove all kinds of impurities from the upper layer of your skin without turning your skin dry.

Keep Moisturizing Your Skin at Regular Intervals

If you want to stop your skin from becoming ashy, apply a moisturizer at least twice every day. This will allow you to lock in moisture and keep your skin hydrated all through the day. The best times of applying the moisturizer are after having a shower (when your skin is damp) and before going to bed at night.

Avoid Frequent Exfoliation

Women of color often invite premature skin aging by exfoliating their skin too frequently. Several studies conducted over the years have revealed that darker skin is usually more sensitive to exfoliants. Choose your exfoliant wisely; it should be gentle and nourishing. Preferably, you should not use the exfoliant more than once per week.

Keep Checking Your Skin for Dark Spots

Contrary to popular belief, women of color experience skin discoloration more often than light-skinned women. Skin discoloration often arrives in the form of dark spots. They are mostly caused by excess melanin production and are often signs of skin aging. Undergoing a few sessions of chemical peeling might help (make sure the procedure is done by a qualified cosmetologist). Besides, you must start applying an SPF 40 sunscreen before going out in the sun.

Other than following the above tips, you should stick to the basics of skincare. You must drink plenty of water (at least 2 liters per day) and eat lots of fresh vegetables and fruits. Last, but not least, maintain a consistent sleep schedule. To have healthy, glowing skin you must sleep for at least eight hours every night and go to bed at a fixed time every day.


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