Advisor’s Say on How to Write the Best Personal Statement

write personal statement

Personal statements are a great and powerful way to make a positive impression on the medical admission committee.

Although personal statements are essential, not all students find it easy to write one. Some of the students consider seeking help from the medical school admission advisors on how to write a personal statement. 

If you are looking forward to working on a personal statement and can’t get an idea about how to start, then this post is for you.

Here, we will talk about some of the best tips from the advisor’s corner that will help you come up with the best personal statement. 

So, read on, know all the tips, and portray your best self in the personal statement. 

Start early

One of the essential tips to end up writing the best possible personal statement is to start writing one early. Students usually think that writing a personal statement will be easy and end up feeling frustrated, looking for help at the last minute.

So, according to medical school admissions counseling experts, you must start working even before you start with the application process. 

Starting to write early will give you enough time to edit the statement and make any changes. You might ask your family and friends to read the same and tell you what changes can be made to make it look better. 

Focus on your life and goals

Another benefit of starting early is that you will get enough time to focus on your life, journey, and goals. Find some exciting highlights of your life and consider talking about the same in your personal statement. You don’t have to write all your life’s journey. Only write about the events and experiences that may define you well. 

It should be strong enough to impress the reader and allow him/her to understand why you are so passionate about becoming a physician. 

Write from a unique angle

No one can describe you better than you. Write with your own voice and perspective to give an authentic flavour to your personal statement. Write about your moments of success and failures. Describe what is essential for you and why. All in all, just be honest and write about yourself in the best way to paint a fair picture of yourself through words.

Follow the format of the essay

You must follow the format of the easy to make it look professional and right. Make sure that the opening paragraph is exciting and catchy. It must be powerful enough to grab the reader’s attention and convincing enough to make them want to read the entire essay with curiosity. 

About the main body paragraphs, these should reveal who you are as a person. In the main body, you must talk about yourself. Besides talking about yourself, consider writing about your understanding of clinical life, and your service experience. 

In the concluding paragraph, you must start by rephrasing the beginning of your personal statement with a little bit about yourself and ending with a future challenge. 

Double-check what you have written

It is essential to always double-check what you have written. Make sure to check the statement for spelling mistakes, grammatical errors, and punctuation errors. The more time you would have spent on writing, the more likely it is not to spot any errors. Also, do not rely on proofreading the essay yourself.

Consider asking a friend, family, or even your professor to proofread your personal statement. Also, remember to ask anyone to proofread your statement only if you trust their writing skills. 

Consult the professionals 

If you still find it tough to work on your personal statement or are not sure about sending the one you have already written, you can always consult the professionals. Many medical school consultants can help you with writing a compelling personal statement. 

Wrapping it up

A personal statement is powerful and plays an essential role in your medical school admission process. If you are hoping to get into a med school, then these tips can help you write one easily. Now that you know the tips to write a powerful statement, we hope you will end up writing one for yourself. 


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