Advantages of NFT Hydroponic System for Agricultural Products Suppliers


The NFT, also known as the Nutrient Film Technique, is a type of hydroponic system. Owing to its simple yet versatile design, the system is usually employed for growing smaller and quickly-growing plants, such as lettuce. Due to its overall efficiency and productivity, it is considered to be one of the absolute favorites of the agricultural products suppliers

In terms of working procedure, an NFT system works almost like the popular Ebb and Flow Technique. Both of these options usually use water pumps to provide the nutrient solution to the plants. Nevertheless, in the NFT system, gravity tends to guide the liquid back to its primary reservoir. It also has a steady flowing system, which opposes the Ebb and Flow method. 

Benefits – NFT Hydroponic System

According to the agricultural products suppliers, an NFT hydroponic system can be quite beneficial for almost any farming method. But, what are the reasons behind the same? Let’s learn more in this aspect. 

  • As mentioned before, the water or nutritious liquid tends to get back to its main reservoir due to gravity. Therefore, the usage of the same tends to be quite low in this aspect. Due to the same reason, the consumption of nutrients gets reduced as well. So, by using the NFT hydroponic system, you can save your budget pretty effectively. 
  • The NFT system, in essence, is pretty quick. With it, you can grow plants within a few months, owing to the nutrient system. However, there is a hitch. As per the agricultural products suppliers, the NFT hydroponic system works more effectively on the smaller plants. So, it would be better for you to make the most of it. 
  • The NFT system is considered to be quite easy to set up and use. You can also disinfect the roots of your plants pretty quickly while working this particular modus operandi. Furthermore, it will become much easier for you to check the quality of the roots. You can also replenish their health swiftly, owing to the gravity-based design of the setup! 
  • In an NFT system, the water and nutrients tend to flow almost continuously. Therefore, you will not have to worry about the problematic salt build-up in this aspect. In addition, as the water tends to re-circulate in this aspect, the issue of groundwater contamination usually does not occur at all
  • Last yet not least, the whole system is pretty modular. Therefore, if you want, then you can expand the same as well. While it might cost you a bit more, you can create much more crops than usual.  

Cost – NFT Hydroponic System

According to the agricultural products suppliers, the overall expense of an NFT hydroponics system would be almost INR 60,000/piece. Here is everything that you might need to create the same – 

  • A submersible pond pump or fountain. 
  • A large container to work as the house of the nutrient solution. 
  • A tubing, which will help in distributing water to the NFT hydroponic system from the pump. 
  • You will also need a tube for your plants to grow in. it is known as a channel or gully. 
  • A return system will need to be there too, which will guide the used nutrient solution to go back to the reservoir. 



So, these are some of the reasons, which prompt most agricultural products suppliers to opt for the NFT hydroponic system. 


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