Advantages of Montessori Daycare Education That You Should Know About


the advantages of montessori kindergarten schools

Every child living in Australia has access to daycare education, regardless of their citizenship, ethnicity, family circumstances, or ability. They can choose if they want home-based care, centre-based care, family daycare, business-related creches, or outside school hours care. These early education care services are designed for children up to 5 years.

Education in Melbourne city can be separated into four groups: the first is pre-school, the second is primary education, the third is secondary education and the fourth is tertiary education. Entrance to tertiary education level for most of the students is through the system called the Victorian secondary school system and in this system, the students get ranked by the ATAR or the Australian Tertiary Admission Rank after completing year twelve. In Melbourne, children mostly enrol in centre-based care. These include preschools and kindergartens that offer early childhood education. Among the best of these is Montessori daycare in Melbourne.

Montessori education is self-paced, student-led but guided, enriched, and assessed by dedicated teachers in a nurturing environment. It is different from traditional education in that it appeals to every child’s hunger to learn.

There are actually many advantages to enrolling your child in a Montessori school. Here are some of them:

It focuses on key developmental milestones.

Unlike traditional schools, where children are bombarded with lessons, learning focuses on their developmental stages in Montessori schools. Younger children learn as they develop their language skills and tone their muscles. They also learn to work on their fine motor skills through arts and crafts and other activities. Older preschoolers learn by experience, like going on field trips and special events.

It encourages cooperativeness.

In Montessori education, children are encouraged to work cooperatively and play amongst their peers. They are also encouraged to explore together and help each other solve problems they encounter along the way. As a result, they learn to respect each other and build a sense of community. It is like real-world living but in a guided setting.

It promotes child-centered learning.

One advantage of Montessori learning is that the classroom is designed to cater to their learning needs. It allows them to actually learn based on their abilities, pace, and terms. Older children and younger children are in the same classroom, encouraging the older ones to help the younger ones. This setup allows peer mentoring, which is a great life tool to have.

It is focused on hands-on learning.

Another great thing about Montessori learning is its practical learning method. Children learn by doing. They learn math, language, and culture through practical activities. Unlike traditional learning, which is all about theories, Montessori education is about putting those theories to work. So children learn because they find value in what is being taught to them.

It is individualized to each student.

Children learn differently. Some like to learn by reading and others by watching. Some children are fast learners, while some like to learn at their own pace. Montessori learning does not clump all children together. Instead, it allows children to learn based on their style and terms.

It inspires creativity.

Montessori learning does not stifle children’s creativity. On the contrary, it develops their artistic gifting because it encourages children to express themselves. It also exposes them to various cultures to better understand the world around them and broaden their thinking.

If you desire to give your children the best learning experience, then you should consider Montessori education. There are several centres of Montessori daycare in Melbourne that you can check out, like the Springvale Campus.

Montessori education will give your children a head start in life and be better prepared to face the world out there.


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