Advantage and Disadvantage of the Time Frame in Binomo


Binomo is one of the popular international trading brokers with the objective of “An innovative low-investment trading platform.”

It provides financial products for currencies, cryptocurrencies, commodities, indices, and more. Binomo is best known for its dedication to low trade criteria as well as a host of other favorable features for both experienced and novice traders. But to generate profits on markets regularly, investors need to understand how to spot the increasing pattern and trade around it accordingly. Investors use the timeline to accurately classify future market changes. The timeframe is an important method used to evaluate the trend over a certain period. Investors use this to accurately describe probable market movements.

Time Frame

Timeframe relates to the number of times that a pattern takes in a market that can be detected and used by investors.

When it comes to trading, it represents the time for the specific components to be rendered-a Japanese candle, a price bar, or a point. It is the duration during which a candle or bar is created, or the standard value is obtained to show a position on the line chart (Line, Mountain). For instance, the “1-minute time frame” implies that each candle on the chart indicates a price shift of 1 minute. The longer the time frame, the more apparent is the big patterns in currency fluctuations. The shorter the time frame, the more apparent the latest local patterns.


The business has a fractal framework. A fractal is a framework that has the feature of self-similarity. In simple terms, whatever its size, it maintains its original appearance. The time frame is usually listed as three but can be varied depending on the platform.

Short Term

1 minute to 15 minutes. As far as short-term sites like binomo are concerned, this is from 1 to 30 seconds.

Medium Term

The average period is technically considered to be between 30 minutes and 4 hours. It is for 1 minute, concerning short-term platforms.

Long Term

Normal gradation varies from 1 day to 1 month. On platforms for exchanging turbo contracts, the reasonably long length of the graph is 5 minutes.

Time Frame on Binomo

The trader must select the best timeframe from the network. There are six time frames on Binomo such as 1, 5, 15, and 30 seconds, as well as 1 and 5 minutes. The various intervals will allow you to share information on both short-term and long-term trends. Bear in mind that timeframes will also affect the length of the contract.

There is also a time that we are going to record below.

M1, M5, M15, and M30-Time periods

H1 and H4-Time period of 1 and 4-hour intervals

D1-1 Day

W1-1 Week

MN-1 month

Parameters for Choosing Time Frame

There are some parameters on which the time frame is dependent. Some of the parameters are given below.

Market Volatility

It is the main parameter. Low activity on the specified resource results in smaller graph intervals that do not guarantee the creation of full candlestick elements. Multiple holes will occur, which will decrease the precision of the technical analysis.

Trading Approach

Some investors favor scalping (short-term trades), others trade within an hour or a working day, others allow weekly trades, and still, others gain a profit from positions kept on the market for several months or even up to a year. Short-term trading is common with newcomers.

Recommendation of the Strategy

If the trade is carried out by the step-by-step guidelines of a particular method, the recommendation set out in the summary should be observed. If preferred, the system may be scaled to a longer or shorter timeframe, but it is necessary to understand the original time-to-interval ratio. For instance, approximately 1 candle for 15-minute trades on a 4-second graph. It is also possible to scale the device to 4-minute trades within 1 minute.

Advantages of Time Frame

The selection of the category of timeframes to be used is specific to each investor. Ideally, investors will select the main timeline they are comfortable in, and then choose the timeframe above and below to supplement the original timeframe. The key advantages of the time frame are given below.

Enhance the Accuracy of Your Trade

If you want to make a huge profit from this business, you have to work hard and improve your skills. And to do that, you need to boost your trade accuracy. Choosing an appropriate time frame is the only direction you can enhance your trading execution process.

Allows You to Make More Revenue

Trading is all about risk control. If you want to make more profits, you need to practice to evaluate the market over a longer period. By evaluating the timeline, you can ensure that each exchange has a high risk to reward ratio. Things may be a little complicated at the start, but once you learn to trade the market with consistency and concentrate on time frame signals, you’ll feel the change in your approach. Most significantly, it will make you trust and help you deal with your losses. When you grow the ability to embrace losing trades, improving your life is only a matter of time.

Offers You to Exchange the Major Chart Patterns

If you want to exchange big chart trends, you need to understand how to evaluate the higher era. Trading the main timeframe in the lower duration is one of the main factors why retailers are losing their income. Some of you may not feel the desire to trade huge chart trends, but this is the only thing to achieve major revenue from this business. You might feel that chart pattern trading is the most challenging method in the world, but once you understand how to trade the main chart, you can make a healthy profit without trading the significant news. News is the primary cause for which we can see major breaks in the trends of the map. So, learn to exchange the main chart pattern in a higher time, and you’ll be able to earn more.

Solves the Dilemma of Over-Trading

If you want to save yourself from the over-trading dilemma, you should learn to exchange the market in a higher period. Lower time trading is one of the chief causes why inexperienced traders are risking so much capital. Controlling emotions can be challenging at the initial level, but once you learn to acquire emotional control. You cannot learn to manage your feelings unless you exchange a higher timeline. And you learn to control your emotions, you can make a significant profit quickly. And the only approach you can learn to manage your emotions is to exchange your time regularly.


Despite many advantages, the time frame has some drawbacks that are given below.

Risks of Event Day

Event Day refers to the business day on which significant news events such as financial regulation, financial reports, and so on. are taking place. Event days come with a lot of uncertainty as they can change the whole feeling of the business. One should be extremely cautious on event days if they are exchanging on a lower time frame. Price action would be highly unpredictable on such days and could lead to substantial losses if the transaction is carried out without adequate risk management.

Psychological Consequences

Impulsive trading is quite frequent in lower time frames. Quick price fluctuations also cause you to respond emotionally. Because the time for thought and preparation is much shorter in timeframes, it can cause people to make sentimental trading decisions. We all know that trade and emotions are not going hand in hand. Price moves in a shorter time frame are so swift that they often have a psychological effect on the trader.


Each trader has various trading styles. Others may trade in lower time frame charts, whereas others will look at higher time frame charts. Since there is no “best” timeline to use on your maps, concentrate on a timeframe that fits perfectly for you. What is right for you will rely on how much time you have, which in turn influences what kind of trader you are going to be. Beginner traders are ideally positioned to trade second-and-minute maps. It is the option of practitioners who undertake long-term investing with a proper concept of the substance of the matter. You have to begin to behave like a pro trader, or else you’re going to lose capital.


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