Admission 2021: The Best CBSE Schools in Dubai Offer These Activities


Selecting a school for your children isn’t easy. There are a ton of considerations you’ll need to factor into your decision. If you’re determined to choose the best school for your children, it’s important to learn more about the activities they offer to students. Here’s a look at some of the activities that top schools under the CBSE programme offer.

By knowing what the school’s daily routine looks like, it can tell you a lot about whether your children will fit right into that environment or if you’ll need to rethink your choices. 

Starts with Meditation 

A good CBSE school in Dubai will start the day for its students with a form of meditation. That might mean a short prayer or assembly session. Saying prayers helps set the tone for the rest of the day. At the very least, it’s a wonderful way to start the classes as it reminds the children of what they’re grateful for. Meditation helps clear their mental spaces and prepares them for the classes ahead. Also, praying together creates a sense of belongingness.

Difficult Classes Go First 

While which subject is ‘difficult’ is subjective, it’s common for students to have their math class first thing in the morning. That’s because an excellent CBSE school will always factor in the physical as well as mental energy levels of the students. That’s why they organise the class schedule that way. Subjects that require analytical reasoning will usually go first. As the day goes on, students get tired, and their mental energy will drop as well. That’s why creative subjects are then scheduled after lunch or after the subjects that use analytic faculties. 

Extracurriculars are Last

Once the children have completed their academic routine, it’s now time for their extracurricular activities. This can be anything from sports and music to painting, drama, and everything else that the school offers. With this systematic schedule, students undergo academic learning for the first part of the day. Then they switch to creative learning. In these classes, they receive instructions and guidance on how to improve their creativity. 

Sometimes they also indulge in activities that help them develop their physical endurance, contribute to their muscle growth, and even provide them with plenty of socialisation opportunities. With that schedule, children receive a fully constructive workout that improves their academic, emotional or mental, and physical development. 

Variations in Teaching Styles 

Teachers at the best international school in Dubai recognise the fact that all children learn at different paces. That’s why they switch up their teaching styles. They don’t go exclusively with one teaching style because they know that some teaching styles work better on other students. Some of their students might respond to other methods or strategies. Trying out a range of teaching methods will help them determine which ones suit every child in their class. That helps them pinpoint what strategies they can use to help the child or how to encourage the student to improve and work harder. 

Mental Help and Services 

The past year has been nothing like the previous school years. More and more students are battling depression. Many children are struggling to stay positive. With the pandemic, plenty of families have been affected. Many lost their jobs. Companies closed down. Some of the students might have needed to take a break from schooling because of financial difficulties. Or, they might have needed help, which explains the high number of applications for scholarships. And even without the financial difficulties, many of the students are finding it hard to be away from their classmates, teachers, and friends.

With this emotional climate, it’s important that schools provide students with the support and help they need. By offering mental health services and ensuring that teachers know what signs to look for, they are better equipped to help your child. Since they are committed to partnering with the parents, the school will also do its best to let the parents know as soon as possible if they think their child might be going through something. 

Workshops and Training 

Any good CBSE school in Dubai also provides workshops and training to its students. They offer students opportunities to learn from experts. Some get the chance to interview entrepreneurs or even pitch their own idea to them. Some are able to see how businesses work, what some of their processes are to give a glimpse into what a typical workday is.

Volunteers and Charity 

The school teaches compassion and kindness by allowing the children to volunteer. Volunteer service is a lesson in humility and helps ground the students. They provide numerous chances to the children to learn about kindness, compassion, and grace. With a school that values academics and values learning, your children will be in good hands. 

These activities play a crucial role in the holistic development of your child. A good CBSE school in Dubai will have most, if not all these activities.



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