Compare Adam A77X VS KRK VXT6 Studio Monitors Adam A77X


In many situations, it is advisable to use studio monitors specially designed for use in a horizontal rather than a vertical position. Until now, however, the “horizontal” best budget studio monitors were present, within the ADAM family, only in the top line, the SX monitor family.
The new A77X, thanks to its features, is destined to bring about many changes: equipped with the same technology as the award-winning A7X, it has a lot in common with this best budget studio monitors, but nevertheless the A77X, stands out for a less compressed sound, for a greater pressure sound and a wider dynamic range.

Thanks to its shape and size it is also suitable both when used as a Nearfield and as a Midfield.

Driver technology

Like the other models in the AX series, the A77X is equipped with the ADAM proprietary technology tweeter, X-ART. Where the ‘X’ stands for extended, that is an “extended” frequency response that guarantees even greater efficiency, even more
sound pressure, and an even greater extension at high frequencies, which now extends up to 50kHz.

Amplifiers / controls

A 50W class A / B amplifier takes care of the X-ART tweeter, while there is a 100W PWM amplifier for each of the woofers. The front panel houses the power button and volume control.
The rear panel houses several controls: an independent gain control for the high frequencies (± 4dB) and two shelving filters for the high and low frequencies.
To ensure maximum compatibility, both XLR balanced and RCA blanked inputs are presents


Active three-way monitor bass reflex
2 Woofer 7 ″
Tweeter X-ART
Frequency response 38 Hz – 50 kHz
Input / HF gain, Hi / Lo EQ
250w RMS
Balanced inputs XLR, RCA unbalanced
Dimensions: 235mm, 530mm, 280mm
Weight: 12 , 8kg


We still talk about mid-range nearfield Studio monitors .let’s say “buyable” if you have to pay attention to the budget!
These are the best studio monitors under $200, in addition to the quality/price issue, have attracted our attention because on the web there has been a lot of talk about it and still talk about it.
The vxt6 model (like the larger vxt8 model) has garnered many compliments on the web, from the most popular blog to the most glossy British web-magazine. If you want to avoid hours and hours of reading on the web to get information on these monitors, take what we write to you:

if you want to mix in a medium-small room (and maybe not treated) and you don’t have sums of money that go beyond 500/600 € for the used one or 800 € for the new one, you must necessarily test these studio monitors!
The basic concept is that these speakers have received a lot of good praise for their qualities in the mixing phase.
We have read posts from people who said that the Krk vxt6 is especially suitable for those who produce genres that wink at electronics, precisely because of their emphasis on low frequencies; but who actually would like to preclude this possibility just because it doesn’t produce electronic music? I guess none.

Finally, the vxt6s have a large sweet spot and a good stereo image and the bass seems to remain fairly constant regardless of how you move around the listening area. The mid-range is clear and the top well detailed without being harsh! The KRK VXT6s offer the ability to make professional mixes without costing a fortune.
If you want to do mastering…. change model.


Configuration: 2-Way
System type: Active Studio Monitor
Low-Frequency: 6 ″ Woven Kevlar woofer
High-Frequency: 1 ″ silk dome tweeter
Frequency Response: 49Hz – 22kHz (+/- 3dB)
Max Peak SPL: 111 dB
Amplifier Class: Class AB
Power Output: 90W
High Frequency: 30W
Low Frequency: 60W
Input Impedance (Ohms): 10 K Ohm balanced
HF Level Adjust: ‘+ 1dB shelf / Flat / -1dB shelf
LF Level Adjust: whole, half, quarter
System Volume: (-30dB – + 6dB)
Auto Mute: (on / off)
Indicators: Power, Clip, Limit
Indicator Control: Clip Indicator (On / Off / Limit)
Input Connectors: Balanced 1/4 ″ / XLR Combo; Balanced 1/4 ″ / XLR Combo
Ground Lift: On / Off
AC Power Input: Selectable 110V-120V / 220V-240V; (50Hz – 60Hz) or 100V (50Hz – 60Hz)
Enclosure Construction: Structural Foam
Finish: Black Textured Paint
Port Configuration: Front firing slot port
Grille: Optional
Mounting: Bottom
Compatible Omni Mount: 30.0 WBX
Dimensions (H x W x D): 14.36 ″ x 10.35 ″ x 9.66 ″; 365mm x 263mm x 245mm
Weight: 27 Lbs. (11.6 Kg.)


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