Achievements of Vijay Inder Singla


Under the Vijay Inder Singla leadership, the Public Works Department (PWD), has beautifully developed the civil engineering works of the state of Punjab. Apart from some jurisdictional convenience, the department works on certain given functional responsibilities. Let us discuss the above zones pointwise.

  • Building Zone –This zone is responsible for planning, design, construction, and maintenance of state governed buildings including residential, office, educational structures, and stadiums. For instance, the construction and up-gradation of domestic and international airports. The responsibility of work would so call be distributed amongst the junior divisions.
  • Road Zone –Physical communication is possible where there is great connectivity of roads. One can be mobile-only and only when there stands a medium to connect two different places away from each other. Roadways are the best way to connect and it is developed by the Public Works Department. There are sub-divisions and circles that the city is divided into because of which it is easier to manage the tasks. The agenda is to conquer the basic facilities and to enhance them with increasing time.
  • Highway Zone –Highways connect two cities to each other in a faster way. 4 lanes and 6 lanes are establishedso that more traffic is able to get together and move. Fast tags are being introduced which facilities the toll experience. It reduces the stoppage time and inculcates free movement for fast and smooth traffic. The central government sanctions a certain amount to the state government for more development of roadways, highways, and tunnels in the mountain area.

The budget that is assigned for all of the above is allocated in such a manner that is flexible and could grow the infrastructure in a better manner. Technical works are handled by a team of professional engineers that take utmost care in providing the best of services throughout the country.

Been Under the supervision of Vijay Inder Singla leadership, it is a highly dependent activity as it develops. Payments are done as per work done, sanctions are being made and quotations are passed by the central government.

Post the application is passed, scrutiny is done and an inspection team comes along to examine the whole project to the best of their knowledge.

Basically, as an agent of the state government, the PWD job work is financed by the civil works budget and the directorate of estate offices. Under Vijay Inder Singla’s leadership, the Public Works Department has been creating a glorious history of planning, construction, and maintenance of roads and buildings. Infrastructure has taken a boom under his supervision.

PWD basically comprises a group of members who have a degree in engineering. From junior engineers to the chief engineer, PWD has learned its way of development, taking into consideration the level of development that goes around in already developed countries. They assure its citizens an efficient and effective infrastructure that could help businesses grow and make traveling faster and smarter than ever before.

To conclude, with a higher sense of stride comes tothe great responsibility of performing executive tasks.


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