Access multiple Gmail accounts in the same browser


Today you have the flexibility with multiple accounts. Google allows people to access one account at a time. You have access to one account at a time in one browser. At first, there was a problem. The next moment, I want to sign in to another account, and I have to sign out of the previous account and then sign in with another account. This kind of situation is difficult to manage at first. I actually had to use Google Chrome to complete this solution.


If you have more than one Gmail account, you can easily save time by following the login and logout procedures. Gmail lets you try to sign in to multiple accounts. You can easily access your login information using more than one Gmail from the same browser. So, how was this done?




If you want to open two Gmail accounts from the same browser, you will need to make some configuration changes for your Gmail account. When you visit the Gmail page, you will find a dropdown box in the My Account section of the Gmail page. The feature is also active on Google Calendar, Google Reader, and other Google sites.


Google is a name that is synonymous with standard Internet products. The search engine is ranked among the top ten search engines and Google Earth is one of the favorite products of the people. Therefore, it is not surprising that Google began to dominate the email market.


Access more than one account at the same time


If you need to access more than one Gmail account at once, you need to do something. You need to visit the Google Accounts page. Inside, you’ll find the “Multiple Entry” feature and you’ll need to enable it. Make sure it is activated in good condition. If you enable it, you should check that the various login features are set to Off. Now, you need to click on Edit and then you will see the option to change the setting to On. 


You need to click “Play”. This will allow you to make the necessary changes to your account settings so that you can sign in more than once with your buy gmail pva accounts each time. Then sign up, sign in to your main Gmail account. You will see that there is an arrow above the email address you entered. There you will find a dot that says “Sign in to another Gmail account”. Now, you can easily log into another Gmail account in the same browser.


Sign in to two Gmail accounts for advanced users


It is considered that signing into multiple accounts is for senior users but not all services from Google support it. For all of these sites, like Picasa and Google, you’re signed in by default to the main account you originally opened in Gmail. So, you can now easily login to multiple accounts, store words with administrators as well as general clients, and chat with friends through other Gmail accounts.


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