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Gujaratwas alwaysan importantlocation for innovation and business.It has created a number ofpolicies that encourage startups to help fueltheaspirations of future entrepreneurs. Vadodara is an importantindustrial and educationalhubin Gujarat is also catchingupwith this burgeoningentrepreneurial culture.The city offers immense scopeforprofessionals who are independentand entrepreneurs fromdifferent niches.

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No matter whether you’rean independent contractor or managean enviable team the process of finding an affordableoffice spacecan be a challenge.It is often moreimportant for small businesses duetobudgetary restrictions.However,Vadodarahassome of the most sophisticatedcoworkingspaces , which offer top-of-the-linefacilities. From hot desksanddedicated cabinstoconference rooms and meeting rooms- these coworking spaces providea wide range of facilities.

Ifyou are looking foran coworking spacein Vadodara, check outthe following list:


Are youin search ofan affordable but centrally-located sharedofficesin Vadodara?  Coworking space in Vadodara Head straight toiSpaceHublocated onVasna Road and check out theirtop-of-the-line coworking facility. Withmore than a hundredworkstationsand a fewmeeting rooms,the iSpaceHub space offersdiverse plans with flexible options to meetyourrequirements.Workstations that plug and play providetheinfrastructure needed to kickstartyourjourney to entrepreneurship.

Thefully furnished workspace is fittedwiththe finest facilities,likeair conditioning, power backup parking, etc. Otheramenities such asan elevator, a pantry,personal lockers and more. are alsoavailable.The best part isthatthe location iseasilyaccessed usingpublictransport.It’s also one ofthe coworking spaces that areaccessible throughout theentire day.

It is also worth mentioningthat iSpaceHub isnot justa coworking facility that is top-qualityin Vadodara.In addition, it’s a networkof creative and energeticprofessionals, and offers you achance to collaborate withpeople who share your interests.It also allows you to participateinvarious activities, such asmentoring programs, workshopsTEDxevents, etc.

Services: Plug-and-play workstations,ergonomic furniture, WiFi,Air conditioning, Powerbackup,wheelchair access,Kitchen, Printer&scanner,Projector, Personalsecurity lockersNetworking and mentoring events

Prices: Starting at INR200 per hour

2. Master Space

Located in the bustling neighborhoodof Alkapuri, thisis a coworkingspace featuringan energeticwork environment.You can select from variousalternatives like flexi-desks orprivate cabins, desks with a dedicated desk, etc.Conference halls and meeting roomsare alsoavailablewithinMaster Space.Additionally, it provides youwithtop-of-the-line facilities and a sophisticatedinfrastructure.

Master Space also provides you with theideal environmenttogetyourcreativityflowing.Replete with ergonomic chairs andbean bags. Itgives youthe right fusionofa workplace withthe energy of a party.It also gives youthe opportunity to meetandconnect withprofessionals from differentsectors.With ratesof as low asINR50/hour, Master Space is ideal forfreelancers, early-stage startups and small-scale enterprises.

Facilities:WiFi, Air conditioning video recording equipment,Photocopier and printer, Projector Rooms for meetings, Personallockers, bean bags free parking, complimentarydrinks

Pricing: Starting at INR50/hour


The coworking space inVadodara isideal for entrepreneurswithsmall teams , as well asindependentprofessionals. Located amidst peaceful surroundings, WRKPLACE is thoughtfully-designed to nurture your creativity and fuel your entrepreneurial dreams. virtual office Space in Vadodara   Thegreatest benefit is thatmembershave access 24 hours a day tothis shared office space inVadodara.

You can choose from variousoptions for memberships, includinghourly, weekly, monthly and annualplans.In addition, you can receive aa customized quote based onyour requirements. WRKPLACEoffersshared desks,dedicated workstations as well as private offices andmeeting rooms.When you’re looking to takea break after working forlong hours,headto thelounge with a terrace. Thenearby pantry can also servedelicious mealsand coffee.

Services:WiFi, Air conditioning Kitchen, Terrace Lounge and meeting rooms, personallockers,Printer and scanner Access to parking, 24×7 Events and workshops for networking

Prices: Starting at INR100 per hour

4. DevX_Vadodara

The location is in the centerof the cityonDr. Vikram Sarabhai Marg DevX_Vadodara is a cutting-edgecoworking space. Neptune Edge, the buildingwhich houses DevX_Vadodarais theonly tall building intheneighborhood.This makes the propertyan outstanding attraction as well asan iconic landmark.Therefore, if you’researching for a coworking arealocated inVadodarathat will impress clients thenthisspace isthe perfect placefor you.

Alongside all modern conveniences and amenities, this pet-friendly coworking facilityfeatures a premium recreational spacethat includes a library andfoosball tables. DevX_Vadodarais also home to shared lodgingand an on-siterestaurantwithvegan food options.Although the rentishigher than average but the high-end amenities are worththecost.The hotel is also knownfor its extremely close-knitgroup that hosts regularmeetups, workshops,as well as other activities.

Facility:WiFi, Air conditioning Ergonomicfurniture Printer, ProjectorMeeting & conference rooms,Restaurant and cafe on the premises and Library, Board games, outdoor terrace and lounge with shared accommodation, Parking and workshops Access 24×7, pet-friendly

Price: Starting at INR 500 per day

5. The iPlex

Ifyou’re looking for a coworkingspace in Vadodarathat ismodernized with the latest technologies do not look further than Corprate Office in Vadodara The iPlex. Chromecast, recording studio, photo studio, VR equipment – you name it. The iPlexis a complete set of equipmentunder one roof , allowingyou with themost advancedtechnologies for your startup.It even has anauditorium in which you can holdseminars and other business events.

Situated inAlkapuri This sharedoffice space islocated in Alkapuri, which is surrounded bymany of the most renowned5-starhotels, shopping complexesandbusiness establishments. ThismakesThe iPlex one of the most sought-after premiumcoworkingplacesin Vadodara.It also featuresan art gallery, as well as ameditation area toaid you in relaxing betweenmeetings, conferences, orphone calls.This shared office space inVadodaracan also be used bycreative freelancers such as photographers,musicians, designers, etc.

Features:WiFi, Air conditioning, VR equipment, Greenscreen Studio for photography, Recordingstudio,on-site restaurant andcafé, wheelchair accessibility Gallery, MeditationRoom, Lounge, Freeparking, Acceleratorprogramming,Incubator and community events Access to the internet 24 hours a day

Price: Starting at INR 10000 per month

Vadodaraoffers a wide arrayofcoworking spaces that are modern and suitableforentrepreneurs and freelancers. While someof them equipmodern technology, the others provideworkspaces that are pulsingwith energy.No matter what your budget orteam size, you willfind a shared office spacein Vadodarathat is suitable for your needs.

Have youworked in acoworkingspacesin Vadodara?Share your experience in thecomments below.


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