A Tale of Two Countries: How to Cut the Cost of International Calls


international callsThere are cheaper alternatives to expensive international calls. If you’ve got friends or family abroad, there’s no need to pay high fees to keep in touch. You can cut costs and save big if you look in the right places. Cutting the cost of international calls is a real challenge, considering that most people spend at least $50 a month on calls. 

If you want to save money on calling abroad from USA and don’t want to lose the convenience, read this guide and consider the most efficient and convenient way to make cheap calls.

1. Figure Out Which International Calls Are the Costliest for You

The first step in saving money on international calls is to decide which ones are costing you the most money. Some countries are more expensive than others, of course, but even within a single country the costs of calling from different carriers and different areas can vary greatly.

2. Making International Calls I Why Calling Cards Are Not an Option?

After traveling to various parts of the world, one thing I realized was that it is expensive to make international calls. The cost of making an international phone call can increase tenfold if you call a mobile number. This is why it makes sense to buy a voice over IP service or VoIP plan and make saving money possible.

3. Use Apps for Making International Calls

If you have a cell phone that can handle calls made to foreign countries, take advantage of it. Some calling apps like Slickcall will allow for free or reduced rate on calls if you sign up their services.

3.1. Calling Apps are Convenient

One of the most convenient best ways to make international calls is through an app available on almost all smartphones and tablets. Apps such as Slickcall allow people to make cheap international calls without having to install any additional software and without paying any additional charges.

4. Get A Calling App for International Calls with The Right Features

If you want to cut the cost of international calls, you can use a VoIP service. A VoIP service uses your high-speed Internet connection to make cheap calls. There are many VoIP-based apps out there. They give you good service and the best part is that they cost less than a dollar per minute. It means that you will make calls at very low costs.

5. Call over Wi-Fi

Every day, more people are using Wi-Fi as their primary internet connection. In order to enjoy the full benefits of your connection, select an app that uses the internet to place your calls. In fact, by taking advantage of free internet calls in lieu of expensive cellular or wired phone plans, you can slash the cost of calls by more than 90%.

6. Conclusion

There are several ways to cut costs on international calls the one we believe is the most effective is a best VoIP app for international calling  such as Slickcall. It allows you to make calls cheaply and easily from anywhere in the world. The best part is that this technology has come down in price recently, making it more accessible than ever before. The next time you travel abroad, forget about high calling fees and bring your cheapest international calling app! Download the Slickcall App now.


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