A Step Ahead to Make your Relationship more Enjoyable


Lockdowns have been imposed over the world as a result of the COVID-19 outbreak, preventing people from socialising. While no concrete evidence is available, this time of restriction is likely to have resulted in a significant decrease in promiscuity and casual sex. Now that the restrictions are being eased, social media sites are reopening and singles are resuming their social lives. Casual sexual encounters will likely grow as a result of this.

Your date with your girlfriend may be made more interesting by combining fun and physical activities. Ride your bike across the city, taking use of the bike lanes and strategically stopping at tourist attractions you’ve never seen before.

How to save your Relationship?

Anything, especially affections for your loved ones, may be killed by a monotonous routine. Adding some fun romantic games for couples that aren’t too hard, easy to play, and a wonderful way to liven things up is the key to breaking up the monotony.

Many couples become accustomed to leading a certain sexual life over time by establishing regular positions, preliminaries, and even a few days of the week to have sex, and this pattern becomes monotonous, causing it to become forgotten sexual arousal. To battle this predicament, all you’ll need is a desire to do new things in bed, to break taboos, and to gamble on more exciting, fresh, and surprise encounters.

But, in order to have a more enjoyable sex, you must do new things in bed and, above all, avoid the fastest interactions in favour of one that involves all of your senses. A sensuous and personal ambiance may be created by setting up a room with low lighting, soothing music, and scented candles, which is ideal for a meeting with your lover.

However, you may begin experimenting with your senses as soon as you get into bed. Blindfolding your partner and cuffing his hands so he can’t see or touch anything is an entertaining game to play. You may then start playing with his body, kissing him, stroking him, and making the encounter as delightful as possible.

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Make your Romance more Intense

In this regard, adding a few of ice cubes to your partner’s back may be a very delightful approach to awaken their senses and allow the excitement to begin to bloom. You may begin by giving him a nice back massage and then, when he is least expecting it, run an ice pack down his back; you can even put it in your mouth to reduce the temperature contrast; also, you will be kissing her body with the heat of your breath and the cold of the ice.

Erotic toys, which may offer your meeting a totally daring touch, are another technique to create enjoyable and distinctive sex. Lubricants, orgasm boosters, handcuffs, Kamasutra dice, vibrators, and other Sex Toys in India are available to let you experience new types of pleasure with your partner. We choose the greatest sex toys for couples at MySexStore to help you break the routine and experience new kinds of stimulation and pleasure.


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