A Quick List of Things You Can Donate to Animal Shelters


There is no place as amazing as animal shelters where you can visit and adopt a cute pet. However, these rescue organizations deal with huge operational costs and yet receive little from local communities and authorities to stay functional. And while some well-established shelters manage to get the funding, it is the small scale shelters that never receive any such assistance and typically fail to thrive on limited resources.

Of course, the media and various news channels in Canada happen to shed light on the state of those voiceless and cuddly beings now and then, it is possible to be fruitful only with the support of each one of us. Now, that doesn’t have to be in the form of cash donations all the time; some of the household items that you don’t use anymore can also keep the operations running.

Here are a few things you already have around your house that you can donate to an animal shelter this year –

  1. Old and Scrapped Fabrics

The torn and useless t-shirts that seem nothing short of clutter to you make the softest spots for the cats and little pups to rest. Even your old sweaters are a perfect choice to make cozy beds for the kitties and play toys for dogs. So, before you think of throwing away your knits or the leftover from your craft projects, think of how they can be utilized for the comfort of a rescued animal.

  1. Used Towels and Blankets

Animals also deserve to enjoy a comfy feeling, especially during winters. Though their skin and hair are enough to keep them warm, it is satisfying to see those four-legged cuties lay peaceful in it at night. Hence, if you have any old blankets and towels that you have used enough and want to get over with, take it the local shelter instead of making it dusting rags.

  1. Unopened Dog Food

If you have always dealt with extra pet food because you buy it in bulk or maybe your dog doesn’t like it, don’t consider it to be wasted. Donate the sealed packets to a nearby animal shelter where the staff would be more than happy to accept it and use for the rescued pets. But, please make sure they aren’t expired. You don’t want to risk the safety of their animals.

  1. Care Supplies

Leashes, harnesses, water bowls, pet carriers, and collars are some of the necessities that every shelter needs. These items help the trainers take all size of dogs on walks and make them look like they are in their forever homes. So, next time you wish to donate, search for some new walking accessories. You can always donate the gently used ones as well.

  1. Others

There are plenty of other essentials that an animal shelter would be thrilled to receive. Paper towels, garbage bins, rubber gloves, spray bottles, pens, folders, notebooks, electronics, etc. are things that are required on a day to day basis. Thus, take a step ahead and gift them metal crates or carriers and wire mesh storage systems. They can be used for general storage or act as separate partitions for the dogs.


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