A Look at the Top Trends in UK Weddings in 2021


A lot has certainly changed with how we hold and host events these days, and last year saw some drastic transformations in events as we knew it – especially when it comes to weddings. Online events have become quite the norm, and what used to be seen as a normal (albeit a little lavish) guest list of a hundred for a wedding has now shrunk to a few close family and friends. But all these changes have also brought light to the end of the tunnel, and more people are welcoming micro-weddings, as we like to call them.

These micro-weddings, which were first borne out of necessity (we’re still not allowed to have more than 30 guests/attendees as of this writing), are now being eagerly planned by would-be brides and grooms in the UK. A lot of these couples see it as a fantastic way to have a simple yet special event that allows for more personalization as well. So what’s up with micro-weddings in 2021? Here’s a look at the top trends in UK weddings. 

  • An engagement watch 

Since more couples can save their money instead of spending it on a big wedding, more of them have decided to splurge on a couple’s engagement watch. This is an entirely new trend as it’s no longer just the woman who gets an engagement ring – both of them can share something special with their very own couple’s engagement watches. Some premier watch brands have jumped on the bandwagon, too, with Rolex releasing a new version of its Oyster Perpetual watch now encrusted with diamonds. 

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  • Wedding receptions in restaurants 

Another plus to having a small or limited guest list is that couples can now host their guests at a venue they wouldn’t even have thought of pre-pandemic, such as a restaurant, as readily confirmed by party planning Oxfordshire professionals Oasis Events. Wedding breakfasts have become quite the rage, reminiscent of Carrie and Big’s wedding in Sex and the City. More brides and grooms choose to have their wedding reception at their favorite dining places and restaurants, and the lure of an intimate and special dinner (or breakfast) is ever more apparent. More restaurants are also offering private rooms for such events. The rooms can even be adorned with personalized elements such as vases of flowers the couple likes, framed photos of the couple and their friends and family, and so on.

  • Special masks for weddings 

Face masks have become a necessity, and what better way to make light of such a necessity than to make it your own? And that’s what couples are now doing, going for matching face masks and wedding face masks currently being sold online. Some small businesses even make customized face masks for couples with their preferred colors, patterns, and materials. 

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  • Ready to wear suits and dresses 

Today’s brides-to-be also realize that almost any simple white dress can stand as a wedding dress, and why not? The focus now is on minimalism, and not many brides are going for lavish, wedding-cake-like dresses any longer. Of course, bridal boutiques are still around, but more brides are opting for the ease and convenience offered by ready-to-wear and off-the-rack dresses, which only need slight adjustments compared to a bespoke piece that could take up to a year to make. 


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