A Guide to Different Types of Planters


FEATURED Types of Planters and Planting Pots

Plants imbue any space, whether indoors or outdoors, with freshness and beauty. Colourful plants can make an area look more vibrant and cheerier. But there’s more to them. They help enhance the air quality of the place they are installed in. By inhaling carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen, plants keep the whole area feeling fresh and saturated with oxygen. You can incorporate greens in your interiors easily by the use of planters. For instance, wholesale ceramic planters, available in a range of quirky and unique shapes, can help you enhance the look of various corners of your home.

Are you thinking of incorporating planters in your space? Here’s a list of the different types of planters that you can experiment with.

Plastic Planters

They are the most common types of planters. They last for a really long time and are found in a variety of colours and shapes. These types are also lightweight and affordable. But you cannot use them for heavy plants. Plants that you put in plastic planter pots can be placed both indoors and outdoors. You can place them on your windows or hang them on your balcony.

Wooden Planters

Wood planter boxes are a great way to beautify your interiors. If you have a compact space, then these types of planters are what you should go for. They are portable, and you can quickly move them from one place to another. They offer a high degree of durability, and you can keep them in areas like the garden, porch, and balcony. Wooden planters are available in many sizes. You can use small wood planters if you like small shrubs. But if you have plants that take up more space, you can use a bigger one.

Ceramic Planters

You can find these types of planters in a vast array of colours, sizes and designs. They are ideal for both outdoor and indoor use. You can consider buying wholesale ceramic planters in various sizes and styles. They are available in the tulip, pot, and standing planters. What’s more, you can mix and match the different types to make your home look eclectic. You can consider buying those in neutral shades like off-white and easily create minimalist and beautiful bedrooms and living rooms.

Metal Planters

Planters made of this material look very neat, and you can find them at very reasonable prices. They are available in an array of metals like aluminium, galvanised steel, and cast iron. A benefit of using metal planters is that they don’t break or crack. People generally use them as cache or decorative external pots. In these pots, plants that are planted in other pots are placed. Among them, zinc planters are ideal for imparting a dramatic and contemporary feel to the interiors.

Resin Planters

Resin planters can look good in any indoor setting, whether dramatic, minimalist, or modern. They have a smooth surface finish, which makes them perfect for indoors. They look simple yet exquisite. That is why they can blend well with any interior. Moreover, they are also lightweight and sturdy. It means that they can withstand powerful wind gusts without becoming excessively heavy. You have the option to choose from various colours in them.

Plants are always a delight to gaze at. As you spend more time indoors, it’s essential to create a comfortable and clean home environment. You can experiment with the different types of planters mentioned above and enhance the atmosphere of your interiors.


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