A Guide to Choosing the Perfect London Home


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If you want to buy a London home, location is very important. You should consider the amount of time it takes to travel to your work place or your children’s school to help you make the final decisions. The good news is that London boasts an awesome transport system of trains and bus services as well as cabs.

If you live aloneor as a young couple, you may want to be close to the heart of the city; while families may want to look further out to get the choice of larger homes and good schools.

To help you decide on the types of areas that might be best suited to your situation and budget, here is guide to selecting the perfect location for your London home:

Central London

This the heart of the city; where all the activity is. Areas within Central London are often a preferred location for young professionals, couples, and expats, who want close proximity to everything. This makes life more convenient. If money is not a problem, buying an apartment in Central London might just grant you your perfect London home. Even though prices of apartments and penthouses tent to be high, the benefits are numerous.

South London

South of the River Thames offers a great location for a perfect London home. There are a variety of houses in South London, from riverside London apartments on the Southbank and re-generated Battersea to three-story terraced-houses in areas like Clapham and Dulwich Village that are popular with young professionals and families alike.

Some up-and-coming areas in South London include Croydon, Wandsworth, Bromley, Peckham, and Lewisham. Here, your money goes much further, as many of these areas are currently experiencing good levels of growth.

In Croydon, properties are available for under £400,000, while Wandsworth and Lewisham average around £600-700,000. These areas all boast excellent transport links to the city and have a wide range of schools, local amenities, and parks. Often, you won’t even need to travel outside your borough.

North London

North London also has a great deal of boroughs close to central London that you could into your perfect London home. These include Camden and Islington. Inevitably the rise in popularity has caused prices to go up considerably in these areas, but another increasingly popular area in North London with plenty to offer is Barnet.

As one of London’s largest boroughs, it is particularly suited to families. It has a great range of schools and excellent transport links into the centre of London via underground or overground train, as well as close road links to the M25 and M1. It also has a great deal of public green spaces and a diverse and self-sufficient area full of amenities.

West London

Hammersmith and Fulham are two areas of West London close to the city that have seen a great deal of growth over recent years and could be a perfect location for your London home. However, other promising areas like Wembley are also proving to be a popular choice for buyers, with a series of new developments for an open-air shopping centre and housing attracting more buyers to the area. It has efficient transport links despite being in Zone 4 and is close to the M25 and M1 roads. It’s also just a short train ride to Heathrow Airport.

Other popular western London boroughs include Richmond, Twickenham, and Kingston upon Thames that offer large houses, pretty tree-lined streets and plenty of green areas for recreation and relaxation.

East London

Since the 2012 London Olympics, East London has undergone major redevelopment, particularly in areas such as Stratford and Newham. These areas have witnessed huge investment over the past decade.

However, it is still possible to find a good value property in these areas with excellent links to Canary Wharf and central London, as the average house prices are typically under £400,000. This area does have one of the most ethnically diverse and young demographics in London. This often makes it a popular choice with aspiring young professionals and expats.

Choosing a competent real estate agency is also a great start to choosing the perfect London home.


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