A Guide To Buying Shoes Online


Shopping online can be convenient, but it can also be stressful. There is a lot of research involved in purchasing something online, and stories of people ordering the wrong size (or wrong item entirely) are all too common. Online retail for clothing can be especially difficult because sizing differs from brand to brand, and not all stores have a generous return policy when it comes to online orders. However, buying shoes on the internet can be a breeze if you know what you’re looking for. 


Athletic Footwear

This is one type of footwear you should opt for higher-quality—you’re better off buying an expensive pair of running shoes then settling for a generic copy. They may all look the same to the untrained eye, but there is more than meets the eye. Read any no bull shoes reviews and compare them with how you feel about your cheap knock-offs and you’ll realize the higher price tag is well deserved. Look for high-quality, and read the reviews to figure exactly which type of shoes will suit your purposes. Focus on functionality and forget aesthetics.


Casual, Formal, Other Footwear

While you should also focus on quality when buying other types of footwear, the aesthetics play an important part in the price. Still, if the shoes are on the expensive side, search through the review to see how durable they are and what kind of quality to expect. More often than you’d think, shoes are overpriced just for the branding, while they are made using cheap materials and a cheaper manufacturing process. 


Things To Consider

While it is certainly easier to shop for shoes online than it is to buy clothing, there are still something you may want to look out for. 

Special Sizing

If you tend to have awkwardly shaped feet, such as feet that are too wide, too long, or even if you are flat footed, then you will need to look for the specific dimensions of the shoes. Often this is included in the sizing chart that most sellers provide online, but you may need to contact the seller for specific inquiries.

Pay Attention To The Return Policy

There is no standard return policy online, and sometimes different sellers on the same website may have different policies. If you want to try the shoes with the option to return, pay close attention to the return policy before you tap that order button. 

Beware Of Fake Reviews

Nothing in this world is perfect. If the only reviews you can find are one-line comments praising the product, then you have reason to doubt that these reviews are fake (paid for) or even bot-generated. The terms of use for most websites does not allow for this, but some sellers are able to work around this ban. 

Research From Third-Party Sources

Even if you know that a particular website offers a better price for the shoes you’ve chosen, try finding reviews that are not on the same website. For example, read Amazon reviews even if you intend on purchasing the shoes from the Walmart app. 



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