A Guide to Brain Tumour Surgery Cost in India


The Brain Tumour Treatment Price varies from one country to another.  Not only that but when we talk about the opinion from different hospitals 

of the same country, you can find a variation. 

Well, the service standards, fees of the medical team, surgery cost of a neurosurgeon, running costs, added facilities are different, and thus they quote accordingly. 

So, when you are looking for the price of brain tumour surgery in India, you can compare the price of different hospitals in your choice to get the treatment at the best price. Being a medical tourist, if you do not have an idea, medical tourism companies of the country can help you through the same. 

Approximate Cost of Brain Tumour Treatment in The Country:

As already specified, there might be a difference in the prices of different hospitals for brain tumour surgery, one thing is sure, and that is the cost of brain tumour treatment is minimum in India. 

There is not a significant difference in the cost. Based on the city and standards; there might be a maximum variation of 10% in the quote of brain tumour treatment. 

If we talk about a particular range of cost, so the patient must expect to get an opinion in the range of USD 6,000 to 9,000 with a plus-minus of 10% in the same. Well, all the changes in the price of treatment are not specific to the doctors and the hospital. 

At times, the change in the expenses is due to the personalised medical condition of the patient too. Some patients might avail the prognosis of a brain tumour at an early stage, while others get to know at an end-stage. In both the conditions, the spread of tumour will vary, and also its nature. 

So, the doctors need to customise the process of treatment, which will reflect the variation in the cost of treatment. 

Well, this variation in the price of treatment is not specific only to India. Still, it is a standard criterion for all the countries while detailing the cost for a particular procedure. If we consider the treatment of brain tumour, there is a significant difference in the prices of India and other countries. 

In countries like the UK, US, Australia, Singapore, and African countries; the prices are 4 to 8 times more. You can leverage the benefits of availing the treatment in India at a lower cost, and undoubtedly the best results. 

Final Words:

In India, only the price of the treatment is lower and not the quality of treatment. Also, the reason for an affordable Brain Tumour Surgery Cost is the availability of resources, in terms of human resources, knowledge, advanced technology, as well as the availability of medicines. 

India is the manufacturer as well as the exporter of the medicines, so the cost of all drugs is low in India; which reduces the overall cost of treatment. So, do not doubt the quality of treatment, India is one amongst the top 5 countries delivering the best medical services. 


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