A Guide to Anabolic Diet Basics

Anabolic Diet

Anabolic diet happens to be a low-carbohydrate diet and involves alternating between the high-carb and low-carb days. This diet has been designed by DiPasquale. He developed this diet for the people who want to have quick gains in terms of muscle mass. It also keeps the fat accumulation of the body low.

The reason for naming this diet as anabolic diet is that according to the DiPasquale, the carbohydrate cycling mimics anabolic steroids.

The Workings of the Diet

According to DiPasquale, you can burn more fat than usual as fuel when you switch between the carbohydrate intakes. And you can also preserve as much muscle mass as possible. In a normal diet usually, all nutrients are used such as fats, carbs, and proteins.

For regular gym-goers, fitness fanatics, and those who are into bodybuilding, weightlifting, and sports, this natural process leads to questions regarding the efficiency of the diet in terms of losing weight but preserving the muscle gains. The key benefit of the anabolic diet is that it does not limit you in terms of calories.

The body needs calories as it is a requirement for the maintenance of muscle mass. And if you decrease your calorie intake, it leads to loss of lean body tissue. Also, this diet changes your metabolism. And does that in such a manner that it lets you eat the normal calorie intake and lessen the fat percentage of the body.

Dr. DiPasquale’s diet is divided into phases, and each of them is designed for gain, maintenance, and weight loss goals.

Let’s take a look at each of them:

Maintenance and Induction Phase

The duration phase for this is for one to four weeks.  And the calorie intake level is 18 times your body weight in pounds. This way, your body accustomed to the low-carb intake during the initial stage of the diet. This is the benchmark for the entire maintenance level.

Bulk Phase

Once you have completed the induction phase, it is time for the bulk phase. The main goal of this phase is achieving your desired bulk weight that you are working out for. There is no specific time limit for this phase, but until you get that desirable weight.

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Also, it is recommended that you use your ideal body weight in pounds for determining the ideal bulk weight you should work out for and then add 15%. The cutting phase follows the bulk phase, and going above the ideal body weight makes it a lot easier to lose fat.

The Cutting Phase

Recommending to cut 500 to 1000 calories form the maintenance phase, the cutting phase is a low-carb weight loss plan. You are required to continue this phase until you reach your desired body fat percentage. And it should be less than 10%. And you would notice that although each of the phases has different calorie intake levels according to the goals, however, there is no change in the macronutrient.

The concept behind the anabolic diet plan is nutrient-cycling. This demonstrates the consumption of low-carbs throughout the week and high-carb intake on the weekends. Taking this diet alternatively helps the body in burning carbs mainly for energy. And the higher amount of carbs allows the body to restock the fuel the body loses during a grueling workout session.

Anabolic Diet – The Risks

You must know that the anabolic diet should not be continued for a longer period. It should be followed for a set period only. It can lead to ideal results for a bodybuilder or a weightlifter who is training to enter a completion. And the body is going to boost the lean body tissue while reducing the body fat stored in the body.

The only drawback of the anabolic diet is that it does not involve fiber and micronutrients.  Micronutrients are important and found in fruits, legumes, and vegetables. No matter you can have a high-carb intake during the weekends, the weekdays are going to have zero fruits, limited vegetables, and no legumes. This makes the perfect combo of antioxidant intake, necessary for fighting the oxidative stress once suffers from due to exercise. And as the diet does not have fiber, chances are that it may lead to an outburst of unhealthy gut bacteria and chronic constipation.

The diet recommends a high consumption of high-intake of saturated fat that helps with regulated androgen and testosterone production. It could increase cardiovascular risk and lead to increased levels of cholesterol and triglyceride levels.

So, suffice to say that the anabolic diet is ideal for people seeking optimal fitness gains. But it is not recommended for runners or athletes running into competitions as their bodies need higher amounts of carbs. Also, it may not be the best option for those who are looking for weight loss only.

Anabolic diet has a restrictive nature and features a limited number of features. So, the users are advised to follow it for a short time only. And that, too, for a limited period. And if you are into bodybuilding, taking testosterone boosters could lead to a significant improvement to your workout performance and stamina. It also increases muscle mass.

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