A Complete Overview About The Student Visa Australia


Do you wish to study in a wonderful country like Australia? If yes, then you should be selected by an Australian college/university first. After this, you should apply for the student visa subclass 500 to get an entry to the country. Remember, that you will have to apply at least 6 weeks prior to your course begins. Besides, you need to be a full-time student in order to apply for this visa. The total cost of this visa is $575.

Important Documents of the Student Visa 500

There are certain documents which you have to submit to the Australian immigration department related to your student visa 500. Each of these documents should be saved in PDF formats and should be scanned in colour. So, given below are some of the documents which you need to submit to the Department of Home Affairs invariably.

  • A valid English proficiency certification.
  • A substantial police certificate
  • Documents which prove that you possess sufficient funds
  • Your biometrics
  • Documents which prove that you are holding the Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC)
  • A substantial GTE statement which has to be written completely in English and
  • Confirmation of Enrolment or CoE

It may happen that the documents which you are submitting are written in the language of your home country. If that is the case then get certified translations made of those documents and submit them accordingly.

A step by step guide to applying for the Student Visa 500

Applying for the student visa subclass 500 requires you to follow a few steps effectively. By conforming to each of these steps you can apply for the student visa 500 successfully.

  1. Apply for a full-time course

Before applying for the student visa 500, you need to apply for full-time course first. That apart, you should be enrolled at a recognized Australian college/university. Followed by this your college/university will send you a Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE). Remember, that you should pay the fees first so as to receive the Confirmation of Enrolment from your college/university.

  1. Get started with your application procedure

 After this you should visit the official site of the Australian immigration department. Go there and create an account and begin the actual procedure of your online application. Fill out the online application form and upload all your documents properly. Then, you should submit your application along with these documents.

  1. Pay the fees of your Student Visa 500

So, once you have submitted the application of your student visa 500, it’s time for you to pay its fees. After the payment is done, your immigration authority will provide you a Transaction Reference Number (TRN).

  1. Appear for a visa interview

After you have paid for your student visa, you will be told to appear for a visa interview. You may be asked to undergo a health examination as a part of your visa interview.

  1. Wait for a final decision

So, each of the processes related to your student visa’s application is over. Now you should wait for the final decision of your student visa subclass 500. The Department will let you know about that through a written statement. In case, your visa has been cancelled or refused, you will be informed about that as well.

Inclusion of dependent visa applicants

With your student visa 500 you can also include your partner and children. You can do this at the time of submitting your student visa 500’ application. To do this, you must mention their names in your visa application without a miss. This way, you can quite easily let your spouse or children accompany you all the way to Australia. You also need to remember that each of your children should be aged less than 18 years to be eligible.

Permission to work with your visa Student Visa 500

You can also work in Australia with your student visa 500. The fact is you can work only after your course has started. There is again a certain time limit and you cannot work more than that. This requires you to work in Australia 40 hours every 15 days and not more.

Permission to travel

The student visa 500 allows you to travel as many times as you want within a 5 years period.

A look at the processing time of the Student Visa 500

Well, the processing time of your student visa subclass 500 can vary reasonably. This is because there are primarily two sectors in which the one can apply for his/her student visa. These include the Higher Education Sector and the Vocational Education and Training Sector. Depending on which sector you have applied for the processing time can be like what is given below.

  • Have you applied for the Vocational Education and Training Centre? If yes, then 75% of the applications will get processed in 43 days. Aside this, 90% of the applications will get processed in 77 days.
  • It may happen that you have applied for the Education Sector. In that case, you can expect 75% of applications to get processed in 29 days. On the contrary, 90% of the applications will get processed in 42 days.

Remember that the processing time of your student may also get affected due to certain reasons. These include incorrect or inadequate inclusion of documents in your visa application. The processing time of your visa application can be affected as well if you don’t submit that on time.

How to extent your student visa 500?

Suppose the duration of your course supersedes the duration of your student visa 500. At that time, you mustn’t leave Australia abruptly without completing your course. Factually, the student visa 500 doesn’t allow any extension. So, at the best you can apply for a new student visa once more. This will let you complete your course successfully.

Get faultless immigration assistance

So, do apply for the student visa Australia 500 right now? Before that it’s imperative for you to get a professional immigration service. The best way to do this is by contacting a qualified Migration Agent Adelaide as soon as possible. Your appointed migration agent will leave no stone unturned to ensure a successful visa application for you.




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