A Complete Gambler Tobacco Guide 


The History and Legacy of Gambler Tobacco 

One of the oldest and most trusted tobacco RYO brands, Gambler Tobacco comes in a range of blends and sizes. Whether you’re using Gambler Tobacco to roll cigarettes or smoking it in a pipe, you’ll enjoy its smooth and robust flavor at an unparalleled value. In addition to this, Gambler’s products are known for coming highly recommended by real users. 

So where does Gambler Tobacco come from? In this guide, we’ll answer some of the most frequently asked questions about this tobacco brand. That way, you can decide for yourself whether Gambler Tobacco is perfect for your smoking style. 

The History and Legacy of Gambler Tobacco 

To understand Gambler as a brand, you’ll first want to know about Republic Tobacco. One of the most impressive American tobacco companies around, Republic Tobacco was built from the ground up in the United States. The entire operation was started by one man, Don Levin. As an RYO (roll-your-own) enthusiast himself, this man would go on to create Gambler Tobacco.

In the Beginning 

Before the birth of the Republic Tobacco company, Don Levin was a small business owner who focused on providing better alternatives for RYO smokers. It all started with one small smoke shop. In 1969, Levin headed a tobacco rolling paper and filtered tube distribution operation. 

By the year 1980, Levin would acquire Top Tobacco. As many know, Top rolling tobacco and smoking accessory products are popular among RYO smokers. Working with R.J. Reynolds, his wholesale rolling tobacco operation flourished. Through the years, Levin saw enormous success and later began Republic Tobacco LP.  

Republic Tobacco Today 

A true story of American ingenuity, Republic Tobacco now owns and distributes an array of America’s favorite tobacco brands. In over 90 countries, Republic Tobacco sells rolling accessories and tobacco. Among them, is Gambler Tobacco. Additionally, the company offers a range of premium smoking products with select tobacco grown on American soil. 

These days, Republic Tobacco focuses on delivering exceptional tobacco and rolling products at an unparalleled value. Consequently, Republic Tobacco’s rolling papers, tobacco blends, and accessories are extremely popular among smokers in the US. 

All About Gambler Tobacco

Not only is Gambler Tobacco a great cigarette rolling brand, but it also comes at an amazing value. Gambler’s tobacco blends include Menthol, Mellow, Full Flavor, and Turkish variants. Crafted with quality and care, most of these blends include premium Kentucky burley and Virginia flue-cured tobacco strains. Plus, Gambler sells high quality filtered cigarette tubes in the most popular sizes. 

Gambler Blends

Kentucky burley tobacco is known for its bold and rich flavor. Furthermore, this strain pairs beautifully with Virginia leaf strains. Virginia flue-cured tobacco is bright and sweet, with subtle undertones and a clean aftertaste. When combined, this yields an ideal tobacco blend that’s well-balanced and extremely satisfying to smoke. 

On top of that, Gambler’s Turkish Tobacco blend contains premium Oriental strains. Generally, oriental tobacco blends are aromatic and rich. As a small leaf sun-cured tobacco, Gambler’s Turkish blend is perfect for those who want something to take them above and beyond. 

Gambler Tobacco Flavors 

Currently, Gambler Tobacco comes in four popular flavors. First off is their Full Flavor blend. This blend is robust, packed with tobacco flavor, and deeply satisfying. Next, their Mellow blend is smooth and satisfying with soft top notes and a mild aftertaste.

For those who want something refreshing, their Menthol blend is sweet, crisp, cooling, and clean. Finally, their Turkish blend is amazingly balanced with an enticing aroma. No matter which blend you choose, you’ll enjoy great flavor and rich smoothness. 

Taste the Legacy for Yourself

Now that you’re a Gambler Tobacco expert, perhaps it’s time to give their products a try. If Gambler Tobacco sounds like the RYO solution for you, simply click the link above. There, you’ll be able to see all of their tobacco blends on sale for great prices.

In case that’s not enough, these blends come in bulk sizes that provide even more value and cost savings! At such low prices, Gambler isn’t such a risk after all.


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