A Cheaper Alternative To Inground Hot Tubs


Growing up, it always felt like the “rich kids” had a swimming pool with a hot tub at home. No one else could afford to run a hot tub, let alone install it. Nowadays, it seems that every homeowner is considering getting a hot tub. Have construction costs gone down or is there something else?


A Modern Hot Tub

There are still people who decide to get a traditional, inground hot tub. However, considering how much inground hot tubs cost to install, most people are opting for an inflatable hot tub. This is a modern invention that looks like a cross between a kiddie pool and a hot tub. Nonetheless, heating systems and insulation methods used in both types of hot tubs are much more advanced nowadays. This means that the cost of running a hot tub is significantly lower than it used to be, because maintaining the temperature of the water in the hot tub is no longer such an energy consuming task. I’ve even seen someone install a solar panel to power up their hot tub, making it totally environmentally friendly.


Hot Tub Infections Are No Longer A Major Problem

Wealthy people back in the day (and now) could afford to pay for a professional to clean, sanitize and maintain their hot tubs or swimming pools on a regular basis. It’s an expense that many people are not willing to commit to. Nowadays, filtration systems are much more efficient, and the chemicals used to maintain a hot tub are relatively simple to use. Even so, there’s still another option: getting a salt water hot tub. Some people pay a little more to install a system that naturally chlorinates the water using chlorine salt (not chlorine solution) that will disinfect the hot tub and help maintain it better. This is not an extravagant expense, so many opt to pay for the convenience. With proper care, hot tub infections rarely occur nowadays.  


Why Would Anyone Want A Hot Tub At Home?

Unless you’ve soaked your body in perfectly heated bubbly water, you won’t understand just how relaxing it is to use a hot tub. In fact, most hot tub users try to use it three times a week or more. The inflatable option can even be moved (it’s lightweight when drained), so it’s easy to move the hot tub indoors during the colder months. 


Many people use the hot tub as a way to entertain guests, while others use it to release tension from their muscles after a long day at work or after a long workout. There are many benefits to hot tubbing, including but not limited to:

  • Better sleep regulation
  • Improved mood
  • Helps manage insulin sensitivity
  • Stress relief


As you can see, hot tubbing comes with a variety of health benefits and it is an enjoyable activity as well. Getting a hot tub in your home also means that you can personally ensure the level of cleanliness of the hot tub. Commercial hot tubs can be particularly filthy, and this is a way to avoid that because the hot tub gets less traffic.


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