A/B Testing Your Content Marketing Strategy


There is no harm in Double Checking!

Now, as it is the time of the pandemic, every small business is even going digital. How will your content stand out? Posting content when you feel like it should be posted, or giving your target audience more than they can digest are the things that will cause any business’s online presence dull. According to Forbes, 60% of digital campaigns are now double-checking their content marketing strategy before offering it to their target audience. You can also check the effectiveness of your content marketing strategy by looking at your website’s monthly ROI, but that would be too late! Assignment Help in Dubai; a business venture which is winning its content marketing game suggests on being precautious and check the quality of your content marketing strategy to avoid any mishaps.


A/B testing is the most effective testing technique to check the quality of the marketed content. It compares two versions of a web page (headlines, images, etc.), to check which performs better.


A/B testing works on every aspect of your web page content. It is mainly diversified into six aspects.


  1. Headlines: The initial step of bringing your target audience to your web page is to think like your target audience. A catchy headline can give you that. Make it as easy and as technical as your target audience is!


  1. Images: Eyes understand, what the words fail to say. Try to be as relative with the image selection on your web page as possible. Put relevant pictures, pictures that go with your written content.


  1. Content-Length: Your goal is to persuade your audience not to make them bore. Keep choosy with the length of your content. Ambiguity in your written content will not only cost you lose a buyer but it will also give your reader a bad impression about your web business. Writing too much or too little can easily cause you to lose your potential buyer! Be relevant but not too vague with your content.


4.Opt-in-form: This is the easiest aspect of your web page to give attention to. A well-designed Opt -in-form can raise your conversion rate by a double pace. Opt -in-form design depends upon the nature of your service. Try to ask more, but be smart with it.


  1. Call To Action: You do not want your target audience to just read what you have written and closed your web page. You want them to engage with you and that is why! Your web page must have a linked line of text or a button to bring your audience to a step closer to your product.


6.Posting Schedule: Content Consumption happens over the weekend because that is the time when most of the people relax and search. Keep your posting schedule in relevance with when your targeted audience is most likely to browse.


The best type of marketed content, not only gives you an efficient ROI, but it also provides you with a better insight into your potential buyer for the future. A/B testing will help your business to eliminate the risks that are most likely to hurt your sales. It can give your business a maximum effect with the benefit of a loyal customer as we


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