9 Best Ways To Increase Likes On Your Instagram Page


Why do brands have Instagram pages? Well, to increase their sales and better their business.  However, different brands use Instagram for different purposes. Some businesses want to drive sales, promote a new app or product, or simply offer valuable information.

Despite these differences, there is one factor that brings these varied objectives together- Instagram Likes!

A successful brand is a reflection of their brand identity and social presence. The first step to increase your social media clout is to gather an audience. Building an audience might seem hectic, but there are a few things you can do to make it simpler and faster.

Here are 9 ways by which you’re sure to increase likes on your Instagram page and build a massive audience.

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 1. Add searchable info to your Instagram page

You will get more Instagram followers if you provide information that is valuable as well as searchable. Search engines index content from different pages and put them up on their SERPs. So if you offer wholesome information, you will attract more likes and followers.

The first step is to optimize every section of your Instagram page with relevant keywords. Remember- stuffing keywords is not at all helpful. Make sure your ‘About’ page is complete with information such as the overview of what you offer, your website’s link, and anything else you consider important.

 2. Add a Instagram Like Widget to your page

Instagram Pages should be made highly discoverable. This requires promoting your page and getting people to like it the instant they see it. A great way of ensuring likes is to add a Like Widget to your page.

Like buttons are visible on all marketing channels, including blog posts and websites. This way, people don’t need to access Instagram to like your page, they can simply press the button. This button can be added using any Instagram Plugin. Go on and add the Like Button to your page and see the likes flow in!

 3. Invite people to like your Instagram Page

We all have family members, friends, and clients who are very supportive of your business. Take this support a notch up! Invite people you know to like your Instagram Page. We recommend posting engaging ads to get more Instagram Likes.

Instagram lets you add an emailing list to your page to invite a bunch of people in one go. All you need to do is access the “Build Audience” section (top-right corner) and choose the “Invite Email Contacts” option.

Invite as many people as you can but never over-promote to the same cluster or any uninterested group.

 4. Launch Instagram Ads

Organic engagement is the best way to garner more Instagram Followers and likes. However, if you can add a tiny budget to this engagement, it can positively impact your page. What’s more, you’d witness more traffic than usual if you use paid ads.

Instagram lets you launch “Page Like Ads” that include an effective call-to-action to engage users and get them to like your page. Such ads usually feature on people’s News Feeds, the Ad column, etc.

These ads are meant to drive more traffic to your page and eventually increase your Instagram Likes.

 5. Host Giveaways

Hosting giveaways are a fantastic way to get more Instagram Likes. Once you share your giveaway on target groups and forums, you will see a sudden increase in traffic on your page. There are several ways to ask an audience to enter your giveaway:

  •       Ask people to “visit Instagram Page”
  •       Encourage interested users to “Like the page to register”
  •       Request people to “share this page on your News Feed to enter”

Active promotion and constant engagement are two tools that will result in a successful giveaway.

 6. Get an Influencer

Partnerships can take you places, even on social media! One easy way to get more Instagram Likes is to partner with an influencer. Influencers need not always be A-list celebrities. Instead, you can partner with fan pages or popular profiles in your domain.

For instance, your brand specializes in make-up products. All you have to do is look up a make-up blogger or Youtuber to promote your brand. Such influencers have a huge list of Instagram Followers and can get you the desired traffic.

If an influencer promotes or shares your page, their fans will most likely visit your page to see what you offer. Ta-da! That’s exactly what you wanted!

 7. Post Engaging Video Content

Want to get more Instagram Followers and increase your likes? Share some interesting video content. People nowadays rarely have the time to read through long captions. However, they love videos.

Videos are generally short, crisp, and engaging to watch. People are more likely to stop scrolling and watch your video if you make it fun enough. Since videos are a popular marketing format, your goal is to build your brand by offering fresh, relevant, and helpful content.

 8. Time your Instagram Posts

Not everyone is always online. However, there are certain times during the day when a majority of people access social media. You need to find these times based on your audience. These times are those when users are highly likely to visit and engage on Instagram Posts.

Research says that 9 am, as well as 1 pm to 4 pm, are the ideal times to post on Instagram. It can be confusing to find the exact posting time, but experimenting will give you a clearer picture. Afternoons, late-nights, and early mornings are ideal times to try and increase your Instagram Likes.

 9. Hashtag your posts

If you thought that only Instagram and Twitter users benefit from hashtags, we have a surprise in store. Hashtags are great tools to increase your Instagram Followers and get more people to like your posts.

The key to getting hashtags right is to add relevant ones. You can even search the Internet for trending hashtags in your niche. You will find a list of useful hashtags that you can add to your posts to reach a larger audience.


Instagram has over 2.7 billion users across the globe. Now, this is not a small number to work with. You have access to billions of people who you can engage with and drive more traffic to your page. All you need is to follow these steps, think outside the box, and always focus on providing value to your Instagram Followers. 


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