8 reasons to consider studying an MBA


Pondering the idea of ​​pursuing an  MBA isoften rooted in the desire to land a more meaningful job, whatever it is for you.

Doing so could mean deepening your knowledge and advancing in your current field, landing a new line of work, or launching your own business. It would mean that you could see yourself as a leader and gain impressive growth in your profession.

If you want to brush up on your career, that’s a great reason to go to business school. In the executive MBA from ISB, we believe that a prestigious institute can bring you a large number of benefits, some of which, you may not have even considered.

 Here are 8reasons why you should consider studying for an MBA:

  1. Reinvent yourself.

One recent graduate said, “I feel like people go to business school to find a job, but actually studying at executive MBA from ISB Mohali is finding yourself.” Business School is a great place to find out what’s good for you. Even better, it is an opportunity to surprise yourself with the strengths you did not know you had yet. In addition, you will find opportunities to seek and receive the feedback necessary for your growth. This is your opportunity to discover, to learn from what others do and ask how they got there.

  1. Discuss some large-scale issues.

Valuing diversity is essential, and one of the first places where you will experience why this is the case is in the classroom. Your fellow students bring with them a variety of professional experiences and personal backgrounds, which will enrich their perspectives and yours, such as dealing with some large-scale problems. What is the future of the economy? What is the business model for hiring more women? You will participate in lively discussions with a diverse group of people that you won’t find anywhere else.

  1. Make friends with “future” CEOs.

 Your time at the Business School will make you make friends, in many cases for life, with people whose plans are as big as yours. You might enjoy conversations with the next John Hanke, founder of the startup that became Google Earth, or maybe you could be in a group project and end up being the co-founder of their future company. At ISB PGPpro, you will surround yourself with people who will inspire you both professionally and personally.

  1. Get an inside perspective on world cultures.

When are you going to have the opportunity to meet so many cultures in a limited environment? If you do the MBA in the Online mode you can be connected with people from all over the world, and if you do it in person you can join your classmates from different parts of the world. This will allow you to collect ideas, both for business and cultural.  

  1. Fail without being fired.

This will allow you to gain more experience, remember that you learn from mistakes, but with the advantage that the consequences will not be serious for your professional life. This is possible thanks to the learning system used, the “case method”, based on practical cases. There are plenty of positive executive MBA from ISB review.

  1. Get a little more knowledge.

Senior executives are extremely generous in sharing their knowledge with students. Maybe one day you can do the same. For that reason, at EUDE, its teachers are working professionals. When leaders arrive at the School, it presents a great opportunity to learn how executives handle leadership challenges.

  1. Deal with big problems and be taken seriously. 

The Business School will give you the opportunity to consult world-renowned companies on the real problems they encounter every day. How can we expand in an emerging market? What price should we put on our new product? The goal is to continue preparing for the real world.

  1. The best time of your life.

Most MBA graduates will tell you that the time they spent in business school was one of the best times of their lives.

That’s a very bold statement, but it does speak to the potential of this experience you are considering. Reflect on what is most important to you in a show, and go for it. Think that your future only depends on you.


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