8 Principles of Successful Online Learning


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Technologies in online learning are developing by leaps and bounds, however, a change in design or the emergence of a new trend in learning does not always mean a qualitative change in the education system.

What should be the quality online education and what are the expectations of the audience? How to optimize training time and make it as efficient as possible?

Online learning is not always a solution to problems

Not all the challenges facing a business can be solved through education. Moreover, online education is not always the best solution. You should not completely abandon face-to-face training for the sake of distance learning. The best results are obtained from blended learning, which incorporates the benefits of both formats. Just like salesforce training which is a good example for proving how effective it can be for people.

Good learning objectives are related to learner goals

The skills that online learning develops should be related to the organization’s goals and business objectives. But in addition, they must be linked to the personal goals of the employees. Without this, it is quite difficult to motivate specialists to learn.

If the course participants see the value of training in the fact that with its help, they can achieve better results at work, increase self-confidence, do more, and do less fatigue, this is the best motivation.

Practice-oriented learning works better

Project-based teaching, modeling real situations in which the listener needs to make a decision, practical exercises based on the analysis of cases – all this gives the best results and arouses the interest of the listeners.

When studying online, as with face-to-face training, learners want to gain experience in real-world decision-making.

Provide trainees with guidance and quality feedback

Mentoring and providing feedback on homework for course trainees helps to develop effective work skills and increase motivation to complete the course. High-quality support turns out to be especially important in online education, where the course trainee needs to have self-discipline and high motivation in order not to give up halfway through the course. Salesforce online course is one of the examples where guide and quality feedback is the key to its success.

Adaptive Learning and Individualized Learning Trajectories

Leverage the power of online education to create a flexible learning environment. Provide learners with experiences that fit their goals.

In addition, interactive solutions work well, which support the reflection of listeners, make them join in the lesson, argue, offer their own solutions and conclusions, participate in their own learning as an equal, not a follower.

Measure learning effectiveness

At the same time, the learning outcomes are not the number of people who took the courses, but the specific economic indicators that you were able to improve thanks to the training.

Analyze and collect additional data to see if the trainee is applying the knowledge gained to work, whether their behavior in the workplace has changed, and whether they are able to make decisions effectively.

Provide learners with conceptual models that they can apply in practice

Often, course participants want to receive templates or a specific list of steps that will lead them to the planned result. Develop conceptual behaviors for your listeners (as well as checklists, templates, algorithms, and other supporting materials), practice them, and use them for quality feedback.

Let listeners learn from their mistakes

Allow learners to make mistakes so they can gain hands-on experience and memorize the material better. In addition, good results are given by tasks in which frequent mistakes are modeled so that the learner has the opportunity to correct them.



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